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The school of landscape architecture and forestry was founded in April 2012, formerly known as major of landscape architecture and flowers in 1993. In 2000, the undergraduate degree authorization of landscape architecture, and master degree authorization of landscape architecture and ornamental plants were obtained. The school have gone through decades of Department of horticulture, Department of landscape architecture and horticulture, Department of environment art, school of environment art, and school of horticulture.

Currently, the school owns three undergraduate majors, including garden architecture, landscape architecture, and forestry. The school offers one first-level discipline master's degree in landscape architecture, one professional degree in landscape architecture, and one master of agricultural extension in terms of forestry. The school include five teaching offices, eg, landscape flowers, landscape trees, landscape design, landscape engineering and landscape art. The school have one research center of landscape engineering technology in Qingdao. The school has 42 faculty members and 38 of them had received master degree. There are 31 professional teachers in the school and 16 with doctoral degree, five teachers with candidate doctoral degree. The school have five professors at present, four teachers of associate professor. The total number of students in school is more than 1020, among whom are 43 master students.

The school always put the teaching in the first place, using the project of famous school construction as an opportunity. The school organized and investigated the major development of landscape subject. All members in the school went all out for it. Experts from other schools in landscape architecture were invited to demonstrate, arrange and improve the procedures of famous school construction. The school aims to cultivate all member’s practical and innovation abilities. The school lead a characteristic development road with an ambition of cultivating applied students. In addition, the school take the subject of characteristic famous school construction as the center.

Besides the teaching work, the school pays a particular attention to scientific research programs and has attained great achievements. At present, there are 30 scientific research projects of teachers’ and the expenditure is more than five million. The present research projects include one project of natural science foundation of china, one project of national key technology research and development program, five projects of provincial and ministerial, 11 projects of city scientific research topic, 12 projects of horizontal topic. Six experts’ working foundation were established and we published about 200 scientific research papers. In addition, the school organized the chief teachers to attend kinds of academic meetings. In July 2014, the school organized the commitment ornamental horticulture of Chinese society for horticultural science in Qingdao.

In response to the development of landscape architecture in Qingdao, the school applied and established the center of Qingdao landscape engineering. The center focus on the research of engineering technology, such as the development and utilization of resources of wild flowers, independent intellectual property of new variety cultivation, the production technology of landscape plants, and the designing of landscape architecture. The center aims to apply the results of scientific research findings to practical production. Currently, the center has developed five new cultivators of ornamental plants, successfully transferred three research projects. At present, the center undertake 15 scientific research projects with more than 2.44 million expenditure. The present research projects including one project of natural national research, two projects of provincial and ministerial, five projects of city scientific research topic.

The school takes an active role in training the academic teams and improving the construction levels of teaching staff through self-cultivation and introduction ways. Young teachers practice ability were improved by deeping into the grassroots. The school also take great efforts to develop interdisciplinary teaching and research subject teams.

Recently, the school play the advantages of professional and geographical to service local service. Additionally, the school give great efforts and guidelines to Qingdao international horticultural exposition, ornamental plants resources investigation, plant designing, and international competition review. In 2014, the students in the school held the green mini-exhibition park in Qingdao international horticultural exposition and gained lots of attraction.

School leaders and experts have demonstrated  the  construction program for  Landscape profession

Our colledge has hosted 2014 Ornamental Horticulture Academic Conference of China Horticultural Society 

Design exhibition of Graduates

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