QAU listed in the USNews2020 World University Ranking

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On October 22, USNews released the 2020 World University Ranking. QAU(Qingdao Agricultural University) ranked 178th out of inland universities and 1464th among international universities in this list. A total of 12 colleges and universities in Shandong Province entered the ranking, and Qingdao Agricultural University ranked 11th in the province.

USNews World University Rankings and THE World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, Shanghai Soft University World University Rankings are recognized as "the world's top four authoritative university rankings". The 2020 USNews World University Rankings covers the top 1500 colleges and universities in 81 countries. The ranking does not consider the school ’s undergraduate or graduate education alone, but rather measures the overall academic research performance of the school as well as its 13 indicators such as global and regional reputation. A total of 223 universities in China have been shortlisted in the USNews2020 World University Rankings, an increase of 62 universities compared to last year. Among them are 188 universities in the Mainland, 7 universities in Hong Kong, 2 universities in Macau, and 26 universities in Taiwan.

In addition, according to ESI data for the three years from September 2016 to September 2019, in the past three years, the number of disciplines in the top 1% of 212 colleges and universities in the country has increased, and 103 colleges and universities have added more than two disciplines. According to the statistics of this article, Qingdao Agricultural University's two disciplines of plant and animal science and agricultural science remain the top 1% of ESI worldwide, ranking 89th in our country's universities.

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