7 Disciplines of QAU Listed in China's Best Discipline Ranking 2019

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Shanghai Ranking Consultancy officially released the ranking of the best disciplines in China on October 30, 2019. Qingdao Agricultural University's 7 disciplines were listed and the number of listed disciplines ranked the12th in Shandong universities, the 9th in provincial universities, and the 17th in national agricultural and forestry universities. Among them, "agricultural engineering" was one place higher than 2018, and the percentile segment rose from the top 25% to the top 14%, ranked the sixth in the country and the first in the province; "food science and engineering" moved up 4 places compared to 2018, the percentile segment increased from the top 50% to the top 30%; "fishery science" rose 2 places compared to 2018, and the percentile segment increased from the top 50% to the top 38%.

The index system of China's Best Disciplines Ranking is composed of more than 30 measurement indicators embedded in the "dynamic monitoring system for discipline development level" developed by Shanghai Ranking. Indicators are classified as five categories of high-end talents, research projects, achievements and awards, academic papers and talent cultivation, and the total score of subject points is finally summarized. In recent years, our school has actively implemented the spirit of the State Council's "Overall Plan to Promote the Construction of World-Class Universities and First-Class Disciplines", formulated the "Plan for Discipline Construction of Qingdao Agricultural University" and strengthened discipline construction. Focusing on strengthening academic teams, personnel training, scientific research and international cooperation and construction, we have carried out scientific researches in accordance with the world's frontier areas of science and the major needs of the country and formed a number of competitive disciplines, which lays a solid foundation for constructing a high-level university with outstanding advantages and distinctive features.


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