QAU Conducts Multiple International (National) Summer Academic Exchange Activities for Students

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In order to expand the international horizons of students at school and improve their professional cognition level, professional practice ability and cross-cultural communication ability, International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) proactively took advantege of the good educational resources of foreign universities by building a platform of international (national) short-term academic visits and exchanges for students. 39 students from 5 groups were organized to go to Australia, the United States, South Korea, and Japan respectively to participate in the summer visits and exchanges.

QAU selected postgraduate students to attend a three-month academic visit at Murdoch University in Australia, which enabled them to fully experience the research and learning atmosphere of famous universities in Australia, learn professional knowledge and broden international horizons. Students who went to Japan took part in summer innovative practice courses, investigated local famous enterprises, and learnt diversified educational methods and innovative ideas. At Kyungnam University of North Korea and National Chungbuk University, students and professors from all over the world studied Korean language and culture together and visited local companies. In the social practice and research project in America, students went to the world-renowned universities such as UCLA and Stanford to visit and learn courses like innovative management and ability to organize and lead, so as to deepen their understanding of the operation modes of world-famous companies and their corporate cultures, and improve their awareness of innovation.

Through activities like short-term summer academic visits and summer camps, the students learnt more about frontiers of disciplines, broadened their horizons and enriched their life experience.


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