QAU Launches Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Experience Course for International Students

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On September 10th, School of International Education of Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) launched the "Four Seas Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Share the Cultural Feast" Mid-Autumn Festival cultural experience course for international students. It presented a cultural feast to 30 international students from more than ten countries and regions including South Korea, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In the class, Li Qiuxia, a college teacher, explained the origins, customs, cultural connotations and other related knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival for international students, and led them to watch the animated video of "Chang'e Flying to the Moon" and read "Prelude to Water Melody" of the famous writer Su Shi of the Song Dynasty.  During the learning process, international students learned that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival of family reunion and contains the feeling of missing hometown and loved ones, which made the international students who studied in the foreign country felt the same. In addition, the class was fun and interesting. During the interesting question and answer session, they jointly studied the expressions of the relevant words of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and learned about the cultural sentiments behind the different customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as watching the moon, eating mooncakes, and flying Kongming lanterns.

Yan Meicheng,Secretary of Party General Branch and Zhu Jun, Dean of School of International Education were also invited to the class to talk with the students and sent holiday blessings to the students and their families.

In recent years, School of International Education has responded positively to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call. It creates a "Chinese Culture" series of courses to spread excellent traditional Chinese culture all over the world through multi-channel, all-round and three-dimensional ways. It strives to become the important position of international communication of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and promotes to tell China's stories well and spreads China's voice well.

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