QAU Enters High-level University Construction List of Shandong Province

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In order to implement the decision and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on promoting the high-quality development of higher education in Shandong Province, the selection of high-level universities and high-level disciplines in Shandong Province was organized by the Provincial Department of Education. After two rounds of evaluation, combined with the industrial development needs of our province, 15 "high-level university" construction units and 51 "high-level discipline" construction projects of provincial universities were determined; Referring to the discipline construction standards of provincial colleges and universities, 51 "high-level discipline" construction projects were determined from the colleges and Universities under the Ministry of Shandong Province and the provincial Party school. Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) was awarded the "high level university" construction unit of provincial universities, and Fisheries discipline was awarded the "high level discipline" construction project.

QAU closely adheres to the major development strategies of China and Shandong Province, and centers on the top ten industrial clusters in Shandong Province, comprehensively supporting the modern and efficient agricultural industry and serving the intelligent marine industry. It has established the agricultural and agriculture related subject clusters that provide strong support for the industrial chain, and formed distinctive school running characteristics that "goal of aiming at agriculture, rural areas and farmers, being diligent and realistic, striving for self-improvement and excellence, and cultivating high-quality applied talents". In recent years, adhering to the concept of characteristic development, agricultural engineering, aquatic products, food science and engineering, grass science and other disciplines have formed a strong support for the major national and Shandong Provincial strategies and industrial needs.

The discipline of aquaculture of QAU has obvious advantages among provincial colleges and universities and ranks as the first-class discipline in Shandong Province, closely following the strategy of making China a maritime power and making Shandong a powerful Marine Province. The research on the immune control of cold-water fish diseases and the composition and function of the interferon system in fish and lower vertebrates is in the international first-class. It is in the leading position of provincial universities in aquaculture, aquatic medicine, fishery ecological environment monitoring and evaluation, etc.

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