QAU Attends China-Japan-Korea-Thailand Seminar on Higher Education Seminar “2020 University and City Integration Development"

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On December 18th, the China-Japan-Korea-Thailand International Seminar on Higher Education "2020 University and City Integration Development" was held in Qingdao. More than 120 people, including representatives from some universities in Japan, South Korea and Thailand, as well as relevant personnel from Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) and other universities in Qingdao participated in the conference through both online and offline means. Twenty universities from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand exchanged views on the theme of the conference. Liu Xinmin, vice president of QAU, attended the meeting on behalf of the university and delivered an exchange speech titled "Contributing to the Power of Green Farmers in Promoting Urban Development".

Liu Xinmin pointed out in his speech that, in the 69 years of running the university, all the development achievements of QAU cannot be separated from the integration of development with the city. Especially in the aspect of foreign cooperation and exchange, as one of the earliest provincial key universities to receive foreign students in Shandong Province, the university has carried out the multi-level talent cultivation of cooperative scientific research and bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree with more than 100 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions. In particular, there has been a lot of substantive cooperation between universities in Korea, Japan and Thailand. It has held 12 consecutive sessions of "Qingdao Agricultural University-Seoul University Symposium on Agriculture and Biotechnology", and jointly established the Academic Research Institute of Agricultural Biology and Environment. It has established the first cooperative college in China with in-depth exchanges with Hirokei University, Japan-China Agricultural Association and Aomori Agricultural Association in Japan. Sino-Thai agricultural education exchange meeting was held.

Finally, Liu Xinmin said that the university will continue to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with universities in China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand and other countries around the world, in line with the principle of "win-win cooperation, mutual benefit and complementary advantages", jointly promote the development of the cause of both sides and improve the ability to serve the development of the cities where they are located.

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