QAU Holds China-Russia Seminar on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment and Advanced Technology

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On the afternoon of November 25th, the “China-Russia Seminar on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment and Advanced Technology”, which was guided by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and jointly sponsored by China Rural Technology Development Center, Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) and Russian Agricultural Engineering Center, was held simultaneously in the studio of Wenjing Building of QAU and in Moscow, Russia in the form of combining online and offline activities. Chen Cheng, deputy director of China Rural Technology Development Center, and Li Baodu, party secretary of QAU attended the offline meeting. Meanwhile, Fang Xianfa, deputy director of The China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, and Yakov Lobachevsky, executive deputy director of the Russian Agricultural Engineering Center attended the online meeting. The meeting was presided over by QAU’svice president Zhu Lianqin

Li Baodu pointed out in his speech that QAU has long been committed to China's agricultural modernization and has developed a variety of agricultural machinery and equipment. This year is the China-Russia year of science and technology innovation. It is hoped that, through this seminar, China and Russia will conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions centering on the theme of "intelligent agricultural machinery equipment and advanced technology" based on the technological advantages and market demands of the agricultural machinery industries of the two countries. Furthermore, China and Russia should build consensus, improve cooperation mechanisms, cultivate innovation teams and enhance innovation capabilities, so as to promote bilateral cooperation and win-win results in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment.

On behalf of QAU, Zhu Lianqin signed The Cooperation Agreement on Technological Innovation and Industrial Development of Agricultural Equipment between China and Russia with the China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Russian Agricultural Engineering Center, and Russian Institute of Agricultural Production Engineering and Ecological Problems. It is agreed that the two countries will work together to promote the technological progress and industrialization of modern agricultural mechanization equipment and strive for win-win cooperation.


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