QAU Research Group Return from Murdoch University, Australia

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On October 13th, the research group of QAU( Qingdao Agricultural University) returned back after successfully completing their research mission in Australia. On October 15th, the welcome ceremony for the research group was held in the lecture hall of the expert building of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, attended by Vice President Yuan Yongbing and Dean of the Harley Butler Institute of Murdoch University Simon mckirdy, as well as relevant personnel of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and Postgraduate Department. Yuan Yongbing and Simon McKirdy warmly congratulated the students on their successful completion of the research project, and spoke highly of their progress and achievements.

The welcome ceremony was conducted in English, during which the students shared their learning experiences in turn. The students said that the three-month learning life made their English language communication smoother. Professional knowledge lectures enlarged their knowledge and upgraded their international perspective. They have been exposed to advanced scientific research instruments in the laboratory, studied the experimental design methods and ways of thinking, experienced a different kind of exotic campus life, learned about the local conditions and customs of Australia, and experienced the unique Australian lifestyle.

The research activity lasted for 3 months, from July 13th to October 13th. During the academic visit, the students participated in English language training every week, learned all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and their language level was rapidly improved; they took part in scientific research lectures to broaden research horizons; they walked into the laboratory for practice and experienced the international laboratory work by themselves. At the end of this academic research activity, Murdoch University issued a certificate of completion to each student, which confirmed the students' academic achievements.


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