QAU’s Fourteen Teachers Acquire CSC-sponsored Visiting Scholar Research Program

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Recently, the lists of state-sponsored overseas study of the senior research scholar, visiting scholar and postdoctoral fellow in 2020 were announced by China Scholarship Council (CSC). A total of 14 teachers from Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) have obtained the qualification to study abroad with government sponsorship which was supported by China Scholarship Council.

The government-sponsored overseas study project was declared by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of QAU, and the qualification of candidates was evaluated and determined by experts of China Scholarship Council. This year, a highest number of successful applicants was achieved in all years. In terms of disciplines the teachers engaging in, it covers a wide range of disciplines, including both traditional dominant disciplines and newly developed ones. Through sending outstanding teachers to study overseas through the state-sponsored visiting program, the international scientific research cooperation ability of our teachers will be effectively enhanced. Furthermore, the close cooperation between our school and international high-level universities and scientific research institutions will be further advanced, the construction of high-level applied disciplines will be assisted, and the scientific prowess and international development level of our school will be improved.


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