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The Science and Information College of Qingdao Agricultural University was founded by the merger of former College of Information Science and Engineering and College of Science in 2008. The college has 1 provincial key discipline laboratory (Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Computer Network Communication Technology), 2 university-level based experimental teaching demonstration centers (Computer-based Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centers) and 10 teaching and research sections.

Currently, the college has 133 staff, including 118 full-time teachers, 6 professors, 33 associate professors, 4 master supervisors, about 88 percent of teachers of master level or above, 1 Shandong Provincial Distinguished Teacher, 2 University Distinguished Teachers, 4 University Morality Pacesetters, 1 Shandong Provincial College Backbone Counselor and 1 University Educating People Pacesetter.

The college has a second-level-discipline master programme of Agricultural Information Technology and 8 undergraduate programmes of Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Information and Computing Sciences, Computer Science and Technology (Software Outsourcing Direction), Communication Engineering (Internet of Things Direction), Computer Science and Technology (Mobile Internet Direction). The last 3 programmes are the school-enterprise cooperation programmes. The programme of Computer Science and Technology is a University-level Application Personnel Training Specialty. At present, the college has more than 2900 full-time students.

The college bears 8 professional teaching tasks and the teaching task of mathematics, physics, computer and other public courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The college has been adhering to the philosophy that both basic education and professional education are of great importance, both teaching and research are crucial, specialty supports public courses and research supports teaching. In recent years, the college has hosted 35 Shandong Provincial and University teaching reform projects, published 37 teaching and research papers, obtained 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prize of Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, 15 University-level Teaching Achievement Awards, obtained the Honorary Title of Advanced Unit of University Teaching Management for 4 consecutive years, presided over 17 projects of the National Issue, the National Natural Science Foundation, Shandong Province Natural Science Fund and the Departmental Level above, published 156 papers including 43 papers by SCI and EI, published 10 monographs and textbooks, obtained 16 patents and won 36 software copyrights.

In recent years, the college has trained a number of excellent students of innovative ability and sense of cooperation. During school, Wang Jipeng, a year 2009 student, majoring in Software, founded Qingdao Ling Rui Software Co., Ltd, which was awarded the honorary title of "Star Enterprise" of Qingdao City. Liu Yuan, a year 2009 student, majoring in Computer Science and Technology, won 5 patents, 2 of which had acquired international PCT certification.

The college has achieved remarkable results in the National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Intelligent Robot Contest, the National College of the Internet of Things and Software Innovation Competition, ACM Programming Contest and the Blue Bridge Cup Competition and many other science and technology competitions. About 50 percent of undergraduates gaining admission to postgraduate programmes were successfully accepted by famous universities. The college has been awarded for advanced collective of employment, advanced collective of student affairs and advanced collective of Communist Youth League for many years.

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