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Academician Zhao Zhendong and Professor Lin Qi went to wheat fields to explain the late field management


The department of Agronomy, Laiyang Agriculture College, founded in 1951  was renamed as the department of Plant Science and Technology in 2005, and combining with the college of Plant Protection formed into the college of Agriculture and Plant Protection in 2008.

The college holds 5 majors: Agronomy, Plant Protection, Plant Science and Technology, Seed Science and Engineering, and Tobacco. The Plant protection is is the national characteristic specialty, outstanding rural talent education reform specialist of Ministry of education. Agronomy is the characteristic specialty of Shandong Province and emphasis specialty of Qingdao. Above two majors were selected as key specialty in the program construction of characteristic school for applied talent training.

The college has two First-level Disciplines (Crop Science and Plant Protection), five Second-level Disciplines (Crop Cultivation and Farming Science, Crop Genetic Breeding, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Insect and Pest Control and Agro-chemicals Science) and two Master Professional degrees (Crop Science and Plant Protection).

At present, our college boasts 99 teaching and research faculty, including 34 professors, 27 associate professors, 1 outstanding teacher of Shandong province, 2 scientists for the national modern industry systems, 3 outstanding contribution scientists of Shandong province, 2 specialists with government special allowance distributed by the department of state, 2 Shandong young and middle-aged academic leaders, and 80% of them have PHD degree. The college has 1900 students for batcher degree and 140 students for master degree. Supporting from previous leaders and the hard works from all the faculties, the college has achieved great progresses in construction of disciplines, scientific research, and obtained various rewards from the university and education department of Shandong province.

The college of Agriculture and Plant Protection holds a Shandong Key Discipline, two Shandong Key Laboratories, two Mt Tai Scholar Positions, one experimental teaching demonstration center of Shandong province, six teaching and research laboratories, eleven teaching laboratories, one international cooperation institution, four provincial institutions and one teaching experimental station. The college has achieved more than 60 national and provincial awards, such as 5 National Science Congress Awards, 3 science and technology progress prize of the ministry of agriculture, 3 science and technology progress prize of the ministry of education and 8 Shandong Science Congress Awards. Since the last five years, more than 1300 articles have been published and more than 30 cultivars, including wheat, maize and peanut are breed and win approval. Above products showed leading advantages in breeding, cultivation, plant pathology, and entomology.

The college has always taking high-quality talents training as the primary task. Guidelines for college management are “San Feng” and “San Shi”. Working thoughts have taken discipline construction as the dominant position, teaching innovations as the core, scientific research and development as the driving force in order to promote quality education. The multilevel educational system has been formed to give priority to undergraduate education and pay equal attention to graduate education. The professional training mode has been emphasized to change from knowledge mode to competence one. Since establishment, our college has trained a large number of senior agricultural professionals and management personnel. They made enormous contribution for our country especially Shandong Province agricultural development. They have become elite and the backbone to drive agriculture and agricultural economic development.

Our college has always put heart and soul into the service for “Three Agriculture” through various forms of service activities in order to make contributions for science and education basing in Jiaodong, facing Shandong and radiating the whole nation. College organize teachers and students to participate in an annual“ Three Rural Areas” activities. The college has become the key support for developing crop production in Shandong province and northern China. The students obtained various rewards Innovative Undertaking Plan. In 2010 and 2012, the student team achieved excellent team at Qingdao Agricultural University and was reported by Qingdao TV, Qi Lu Evening Newspaper and Zhongguo News Network.

The college built the electric journal of “Jiahe”, the student forum of “Lunhe”, the art groups of “Yunhe”, and the social practices platform of “Yuanhe”. The college also successfully got many scholarship funds from the companies, such as Shandong Zhouyuan Seed Limited Company, Shandong Denghai Seed Limited Company and Zhongda Pharmacy Company.


Running conditions: Agronomy was founded in 1951. It was characteristic specialty of Shandong province as early as in 2007 due to the outstanding professional advantages. In 2012, Agronomy entered the ranks of the first key construction characteristics elite university of applied engineering in Shandongprovince. Agronomy has a strong faculty team with 37 professional teachers, including 19professors, 5 national and provincial experts, 1 provincial prestigious teacher, 1 Taishan Scholar and five PhD supervisors. Agronomy has one national development and innovation committee key experiment center --the functional laboratory of efficient utilization of water resources, one key Laboratory of Shandong Province --dry and farming technology lab, and one innovative team of Shandongprovince. Currently, Agronomy specialty has five laboratories, including the cultivation lab, the seed breeding lab, the cultivation & ecology lab, statistics and information technology lab, the seed technique lab. In addition, it also has two practical bases campus. Companies such as Shandong Denghai Seeds Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhouyuan Seed Industry Co., Ltd. and other companies have established professional scholarships for the Agronomy students.

Training objectives: The students in Agronomy specialty should master the basic theory of crop cultivation and farming, crop genetics and breeding and basic skills systematically, and have good scientific literacy and innovation capability on crop production, breeding new varieties and agricultural business. They could engage in modern agricultural production, agricultural technology extension, agricultural management and agricultural scientific research applications. Most of the graduates engaged in government agency, institutions of higher education, scientific research institutions, and rural management departments and agricultural enterprises. The current Politburo member and Chongqing Party Secretary Sun Zhengcai and the world famous maize breeder Li Denghai are outstanding graduates’ representatives of the Agronomy specialty.

Introduction to Tobacco Specialty

Running conditions: The specialty of Tobacco is jointly cooperated by Qingdao Agricultural University and Tobacco research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences. The basic courses are performed by the faculties from Qingdao Agricultural University, and the specialty courses were supported by the teachers from Tobacco research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences. The specialty has 22 teaching and research faculties, including 10 senior researchers and 7 doctorates, and has built four teaching pract   

Training objectives: training the basic theory of tobacco cultivation, tobacco breeding, tobacco modulation, tobacco classification, tobacco quality and safety, tobacco pest integrated management, and cigarette making technology for comprehensive scientific talent. The graduated students will work on tobacco breeding and production, scientific research, processing, extension and management jobs.

Plant Protection

Running conditions:Plant protection is the characteristic major in both Shandong Province and our country. It’s also the key construction major of the first applied talents cultivation characteristic school construction in Shandong Province. In 2014, plant protection was listed as “Excellent agriculture and forestry talent education program reform pilot project” by the National Education Department. Moreover, It’s the pilot work construction major of the first applied talents training professional development support plan and the first level discipline master station. Especially, Phytopathology and Pesticide Science are the key disciplines in Shandong Province. Plant disease and insect pest comprehensive prevention and control laboratory is the provincial-level key laboratory. There are 40, including 21 professors, 2 Taishan scholar experts, 1 state council expert for special allowance, 1 expert for National industry system, and 2 people who gained the Natural science fund for distinguished young scholars of Shandong Province.

Training objectives:Plant protection is the key construction and appealing major in our university, which highlights the development of economic society, modern agriculture and the construction of ecological civilization. It aims at cultivating professional people who are equipped with high environmental awareness, the ability of Integrated Pest Management and strong practical ability. In summary, all of this establish a good basis for students’ academic development and further study. In recent years, the quality of student resources is relatively good. More than 50% students were admitted to graduate students, and the employment rate reached more than 90% at a time.

Plant Science and Technology

Running conditions:there are twenty existing full-time teachers, including ten professors, twelves associate professors and senior experimentalists; sixteen doctors, two doctoral supervisors, six master's supervisors, two young and middle-aged backbone and academic leaders in Shandong province, more than 50% of the teachers have a learning experience abroad. Having established three off-campus practice bases such as  Zhongshan park, Huangdao and Laoshan.

Training objectives:To cultivate applied and compound talents of high quality with solid the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of medicinal plants cultivation, identification, breeding, medicinal materials quality testing, resource development and management, with wide knowledge, well-adjusted and all-round development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics, having practical ability and creative spirit, adapting to socialist economic construction and social development. Graduates are mainly engaged in cultivation, processing, GAP management, development and utilization of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicinal preparations, analysis testing, authenticity, marketing and industry services et al.

Seed Science and Engineering(SSE)

Running conditions:SSE was founded in 2003. It currently has a strong-competitive academic team, including one national teaching master, one State Department special allowance expert, one academician external, one provincial chief scientist of a crop breeding, one crop seed professional committee member from China Crop Science Society. All faculty members in SSE have doctorate degree.SSE has wonderful  conditions, including provincial and municipal key labs for crop breeding and seed science, some training bases such as Denghai Seed.  The value for equipment was worth more than 20 million yuan. A large number of new crop varieties were produced, whose transfer fee was more than 2,000 million yuan.

Training objectives:A large number of teaching and research and management personnel in crop breeding and seed science seed industry are trained in SSE. Graduates are mainly for government agencies, universities, research institutes, seed companies, and so on.



Associate Professor Zhang Zhenfang found unusual moth larvae in soybean fields and took pictures in time for later research

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