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The College of Electromechanical Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University is one of the five original colleges (faculties) that founded with QAU. It used to be named Agricultural Machinery Faculty which was initially founded in 1969. Then it was renamed to Agricultural Engineering Faculty in 1986, Engineering Faculty in 2000, and Engineering College in 2002. Finally, it was renamed to College of Electromechanical Engineering because of the adjustment of disciplines. For decades, College of Electromechanical Engineering has cultivated more than 10000 of advanced engineering and technology talents that badly in need for our national economy development.

The college has formed a professional staff whose teachers are mainly in their middle and young age, with reasonable structure, strong teaching and scientific research ability and sufficient strength in development. The college has seventy staff including 11 professors, 20 associate professors and 9 senior experimentalists. Among the 70 staff, 19 of them have PhD; 41 of them have master degrees. The professional teachers who have master degrees or above account for ninety-three percent of the total. There have one PhD supervisor, 27 master supervisors, 1809 undergraduate students and 72 graduate students at college. And there have two chief experts of “Special Fund for Agro-Scientific Research in the Public Interest”.  One of whom is enjoying the special State allowance. One of them won “The May 1 Labor Medal”. One of them was granted “National Excellent Scientists”. One of them was honored character of agricultural machine popularize 60 years from the establishment of the new China. Four of them are admitted into the special panel of agricultural machinery technological innovation of Ministry of Agricultural (110 people national wide). One of them is awarded the top ten agricultural machine teachers national wide during the first “Haofeng Cup”. One of them is the director of Academic Committee of Agricultural Machine Power and Harvest Machine Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agricultural. One of them is the leader of provincial academic key bone discipline and the advanced individual of developing agriculture through science and technology of Shandong Province. One of them is provincial top teacher in teaching. Two of them are post experts of provincial agricultural industrial technology system. Academician Xuegeng Chen has been engaged as the special academician of the college and other well-known scholars and entrepreneurs’ domestic and overseas including academician Maohua Wang have been engaged as the part-time professor of the college. The college is awarded as the advanced collective of developing agriculture by technology of Shandong province.

The has five majors for undergraduate students including Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Electric Engineering and Automation, Technique and Instrumentation of Measurements. There is one master degree program of agricultural engineering. There is one first-level discipline master degree programs including Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agricultural Electrification and Agricultural water and soil Engineering. Two full-time master degree programs of Engineering (agricultural engineering area) and agricultural popularize (agricultural mechanization area). And one non-full-time master degree program of agricultural popularize. The discipline of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering is provincial key discipline. The major of Agricultural Mechanization and Automation is advanced school special major of Shandong province, applied special key constructive major of elite school, experimental major of excellent engineer plan of Shandong advanced schools. Our college is the leading department of main crops’ mechanization production equipment. And we have the one engineering research center of seed industrial equipment of Shandong (Development and Reform Commission of Shandong), one technology engineering research center of root crops production equipment of Shandong (Science and Technology Agency of Shandong), strategic alliances of modern agricultural equipment innovation of Qingdao, engineering technology research center of peanut combined harvester of Shandong(cooperate with enterprises). College has two school-level experimental demonstration center on campus including Electromechanical Engineering Practical Training Center and Electrical and Electronic Practical Training Center, three school-level research institute (center) including electromechanical institute of countryside, technological research center of mechanization digging harvesters and 22 specialized laboratories of our school.

The college has paid more attention to teaching quality and the construction of academic atmosphere. Students have been encouraged to attend technological innovation work. In the late five years, the students won many prizes in kinds of technological innovation in domestic and overseas. 191 municipal or above prize had been won in totally, more than 664 person-time got prizes. The students of the college used to attended the extracurricular academic technological work contest of the 12th“Challenge Cup” ,  and won one national third prize, one provincial first prize, one provincial second prize. Students also attended the college students’ business plan contest for three session of “Challenge Cup”,and won one national silver award, two provincial golden prize, one provincial silver prize, one provincial special award, two first prize, two second prize. The best results from our attendee had been got during the last five periods of college students’ electromechanical product innovation and design contests of Shandong province.  We won seven provincial first prizes, nine second prizes and thirteen third prizes, one of the works won “Taiqi New Energy Scholarship”. In the last five periods of college students’ electronic design contest, the students won one national first prize, 12 provincial first prizes and 21 provincial second prizes and 8 provincial third prizes. The students won the national first prize for the first time in 2013 with a new breakthrough. Students attended four robot contest of Shandong and won 5 provincial first prizes, 17 provincial second prizes and 25 provincial third prizes. And they also won two national first prizes, 15 national second prizes, 26 national third prizes and four excellence award. In 2014, Tingting Guo from the college won the 9thNational Technological Innovation Prize and he became the only undergraduate student who won the honored prize. His achievements were reported by many Medias.

The college not only keeps constructing the disciplines and students education, but also has a significant development on scientific research and academic works.  27 national and provincial projects including “Special Fund for Agro-Scientific Research in the Public Interest”, National Sci-Tec Support Plan, The national science foundation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Project of 978 have been hosted and undertaken by the college, and the scientific research funds are more than 70 million Yuan. For the last years, 38 scientific identified projects including 9 provincial and above projects and 33 National Patent, 8 scientific result assignments had been finished and passed. And One national scientific and technological progress second prize, one first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress first prize, one second prize of scientific and technological progress second prize of the Ministry of Education, one second prize of scientific and technological progress of People’s Government of Shandong and three third prize of scientific and technological progress of People’s Government of Shandong, one first prize of agricultural machinery innovation of Shandong, one “gold medal” of intellectual property office had been won. In recent years, more than 520 papers on kinds grads of academic magazines in domestics and overseas had been published, including 126 of them were issued on the first class journals, 42 of them had been indexed by “EI” and “SCI” and 23 monographs had been published.

The international exchange and cooperation have being carried out positively by the college. The headquarters of International Association of Mechanization of Filed Experiment (IAMFE) had moved into the university from St-Petersburg State Agricultural University of Russia in 2012. The Dean of the college, Prof. Shuqi Shang has taken the charge of the President of IAMFE since 2008. Both the secretariat of Chinese Branch of IAMFE and the Specialized Committee of Facility Agricultural Engineering of Society of Agricultural Engineering of Shandong are located in the college. The college is the governing units of Society of Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Society of Shandong. The college established long and steady exchange and cooperation relationship with USA, New Zealand, Russia and Norway. The staff of the college had been sent off for further study and cooperative researches. The college has scientific research cooperation and common scientific research and teaching bases with more than 30 enterprises, including Wuzheng Group of Shandong, Haofeng Machine Manufacturing Ltd of Henan, Jinyi Machine Manufacturing Ltd of Shandong, Wan Nongda peanut Machine Manufacturing Ltd of Qingdao. Furthermore, Zhangqiu blower Co.Ltd of Shandong and Tongda Group of Shandong established “Zhanggu scholarship” and “Tongda scholarship” and they provided a good practical condition for studying and scientific researches.

Hosted the 14th International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanization of Field Experiments in Oct, 2012, and the Headquarter of IAMFE was moved to our college in the same year

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Chen Xuegeng was engaged as the Distinguished Professor of our College

Won “Shandong Provincial Fist Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress” in 2015

Professor Shang Shuqi had been granted “ May 1” Labor Medal and National Outstanding Scientific and Technological workers

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