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Group photo of Qingdao academic education of practical talent for country in 2014

The school unit and regulatory agency of continuing education, the school of continuing education, mainly does business of adult higher education, training and self-taught study. In the past 40 years, the school aimed to improve social economy and cultivate applied talents. Besides, with the spirit of reform and enterprise, it makes full use of school advantages to achieve the sound development of continuing education. So far, more than 60000 people have been brought up in the school.

As for adult higher education, the school puts teaching quality on the first place. It aims to promote school-running standards and bring up applied people. It now consists of 65 majors covered with 8 subjects of sciences, engineering, agriculture, humanities, arts, law, management, economics, which are grouped into three levels education of senior high school to undergraduate, junior school to undergraduate, and senior high school to junior school. There are 13 thousands students in the school. It actively reforms education mode and carrys out teaching on the internet. 92 courses are established on internet. Animal science is given the title of brand profession of adult higher education in Shandong. It has 9 provincial characteristic courses and 1 provincial excellent course. Teaching quality and education reform both achieve success.

In training, the school is equipped with modern agricultural technology training base of the agriculture ministry, modern agricultural technology training base of Shandong province, training base for cadre education of Qingdao, and continuing education base for professional and technical person of Qingdao etc. Based on the “base”, the school carrys out many kinds of training businesses widely, including the new peasants entrepreneurship training, modern agricultural technology training, party and government management training, enterprise management training .It trains more than 7000 people annually. And the training scope extends from Shandong to Xinjiang, Henan, Yunnan, Ningxia, Liaoning, Guizhou and so on. The training has made great progress in terms of social and economic benefits. And it contributes a lot to the establishment of a new socialist countryside and development of modern agriculture.

To normalize full-time self-taught study-aid gradually, the school has issued interim provisions in school level and practices the way of report and approval. The total number of students is more than 3000, which created the huge economic and social benefits for the school.

The school has the examination sites of the national computer rank examination, national profession qualification examination and Chengyang district paperless examination of accountant certification. More than 7000 people take these exams each year.

As a social-aid organization authorized by Shandong admission office and a main institution with animal husbandry and veterinary and animation, the school carrys out self-study exam actively. At present, undergraduate class with double certifications enrichs the running forms of the school.

School innovates personnel training mode constantly. By implementing the project of cultivating practical talent for country with the Qingdao municipal party committee organization department, it has trained a large number of "need and to retain" practical talents with higher degree and provided strong intellectual support for the establishment of a new socialist countryside in Qingdao. The project is widely recognized and praised in the society. Even People's Daily online, China educational network, and other medias have reported it many times.

The opening ceremony of new peasants entrepreneurship training in 2015

The trainees visit and inspect teaching practice base

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