Scientific Research In Recent Years

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QAU initiated the high-yield theories and techniques for wheat (7,500kg/ha) in 1970s and summer maize (7,500kg/ha) in 1980s. Subsequently, QAU invented the cultivation theory high-yield techniques for the dry-land wheat (7,500kg/ha) and for peanut (6,000 kg/ha) in 1990s. QAU new wheat variety Qingmai 6 created the high-yield record (8,071.5kg/ha) in middle soil salt content (0.2-0.3%) in Dongying City of Shandong Province. All of these achievements have contributed significantly to the production of grain, oil and animal husbandry in northern China.

In the new century, QAU has taken a leading role in China in the following areas: bionic pesticides, animal cloning technology, mycorrhiza and marine fungi, crop and fruit breeding, animal reproduction, plant protection, dry-land farming, agro digging machinery, animal disease control,food processing, natural active matters, agro communication science and so forth. In these areas, QAU has caught up with the international advanced counterparts. In the past decade, QAU has undertaken 851 projects at various levels, among which there were 159 national projects, 328 provincial and ministerial projects. QAU has filed 30 patents, and won 44 science and technology awards above the provincial and ministerial level. Currently,QAU has a total research fund of 203 million yuan.


QAU developed the first full-patented bionic germicide in China, which filled up the gap in this area and contributed substantially to the development of non- hazard agro-products and green farming. This brought QAU a second class National Science and Technology Advancement Award.

Invertebrate Animal Cell Study: QAU is one of the leading institutions in this area, and together with Cornell University, QAU has set up the Invertebrate Animal Cell culture and Engineering Center.

The 4HQL-2 Digging and Pulling Combined Whole-feed Peanut Harvester was one of the 11th Five Year Plan National Sci-tech Support Plan ' s Key Projects. Prof. Shang Shuqi, the chief expert of this project was e lected in 2008 as Chairman of the International Associa tion on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE), also the first Chinese chairman.

Breeding for Special-purpose new apple variety: QAU has developed a series of new special-purpose apple varieties withfull IPRs, including high-acid varieties,little-rusty juicy-making varieties,readying-eating varieties and also varieties not only good for direct consumption but also for making juice. QAU has also filled both the domestic and international gap of lacking high-acid juice-making apple varieties.

Cooperative Economy: QAU has founded the first College of Cooperative in China. It focuses on the research of cooperative economic system with Chinese characteristics, and carties out both theoretical and practical research on cooperatives.

In 2010, the animation SANCHAKOU pocketed the 25th China TV Gold Eagle Award (Outstanding Animation) .In 2014, the 3D animation trailer C9 HUIJIA appeared in the 67th Cannes Film Festival, and has been signed contracts with 35 countries.

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