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Qingdao Campus of QAU


Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU), formerly known as Laiyang Agricultural College, was founded in 1951. Guided by modern university theory and practice, QAU fully implements the national educational policy, sticks to "people first" principle, and zero in on enhancing students' entrepreneurial mentality, inspiring their creative and innovative potential, fostering elite professionals adaptable to the changing demand of the society.

The campus of QAU covers an area of around 286 ha.with the building floorage of 1.1+ million square meters.

QAU Equipment gross is over 257+million CNY. QAU library has a total collection of 2.1796 million books,and 2.4863 million e-books.

QAU comprises 22 schools (departments), 77 full-time four-year undergraduate majors or specialties, 13 first-level disciplines of postgraduate programs, 78 second-level disciplines of postgraduate programs and 3 professional postgraduateprograms.

QAU has a total enrollment of 35,000, including 1,400 graduate students.

Laiyang Campus of QAU

The farm in Jiaozhou of QAU


QAU enjoys two campuses and one farm. One campus in Qingdao and the other in Laiyang. The farm in Jiaozhou. They boast ideal geographic location, beautiful sceneries and rich cultures.

QAU enjoys excellent teaching facilities and convenient transportation.

QAU has developed herself into a well-balanced comprehensive university, covering sciences, engineering, agriculture, humanities, arts, law,management, economics and etc.

QAU enjoys well-structured teaching faculty in terms of degrees, academic titles and disciplines.

Both teachers and students in QAU are hard-working, so QAU enjoys fascinating educational environment.

QAU was awarded EXCELLENT in the National Undergraduate Teaching Assessment of the Ministry of Education.

QAU features in science and technology innovation and fruitful achievements.

QAU was ranked 34 nationally in the National Higher Learning Institutions Real Income List from Science and Technology Transfer in 2002. QAU topped the other universities in Shandong Province.

For perfect cultural atmosphere, QAU's campus is awarded Shandong Civil Campus.

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