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Biological Sciences (Creative Class)

Conditions of running school: Biological Sciences Major is one of the characteristic specialties in shandong province, composed of 70 full-time staff, including 20 professors, 32 associate professors, and 18 lecturers. Among them, 61 persons have PhD degree, 4 are entitled with Taishan Scholars overseas distinguished experts, 1 national model teacher, 2 the outstanding teacher of Shandong province, 1 awarded special allowance of the state council, 1 awarded National Achievement Award of Returned Overseas Chinese Talent, 1 chief expert in the key laboratory of Shandong province, and 2 modern agricultural industry technology system innovation team experts. The specialty of Biological Sciences has 1 Fungi Application Key Laboratory of Shandong province, 1 Key Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology of Shandong universities, and 1 Provincial Biological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. In addition, the specialty has several research bases, including the Ministry of Agriculture Fungi Polysaccharide Research Base, Shandong Edible Fungi Inoculum Producing Factory, Provincial Biological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Qingdao Biogas Environmental Microbial International Technology Cooperation Base, and Qingdao Oil Crops International Science and Technology Cooperation Base. The specialty also possesses a provincial key discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. For practical and experimental education purpose, the specialty has 6 experimental laboratories, 1 interactive network microscopy laboratory, 2 plant and 2 microbe specimen laboratories, 20 teaching practice bases inside and outside of the university.

Major achievements: In past five years, the specialty of Biological Sciences has built 7 provincial excellent courses, awarded a second prize of the State Science and Technology Progress, 3 Provincial Science and Technology Achievement, 2 the second prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement. The specialty has undertaken more than 80 national and provincial research projects with funds over 35 million yuan. Total of 20 national patents have been granted. More than 400 scientific research papers have been published in various journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, and other domestic and international academic journals. And, 35 teaching textbooks were published.

Major courses: Microbiology, botany, zoology, biochemical, genetics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology and so on.

Educational objectives: All-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic; building strong bases on the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic experiment skills of modern biological sciences; to endure professional skills and innovative entrepreneurial training, equipped with a certain skills of language competence, team cooperation spirit, organization and management capacity and innovation ability; to train innovative talents that could engage in academic research, technology development and sci-tech popularization in the related fields of biological sciences. The student statuses in this class are dynamic based on their GPA (grade point average). Outstanding students could be sent to “985 Project”and "211 Project" universities for one year cooperation training, and the corresponding credit transfer system has been built.

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