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Conditions of running school:This specialty is not only provincial specific subject, but also key subject in the development of application-type characteristic famous university. Among seventy full-time faculty sixty-one are with Ph.D degree, including twenty full professors and thirty-two associate professors, four Taishan scholar distinguished experts from overseas, one national model teacher, two prestigious teachers in Shandong province, one teacher enjoying the State Council special allowance, one teacher winning achievement award, one chief expert of key laboratory of Shandong province, and two innovation team experts in modern agricultural industry technology system of Shandong province. There is one key lab of fungi application resaerch of Shandong province, one key lab of plant biotechnology of Shandong Universities, and one provincial biological experimental teaching demonstration center. In addition, several research bases have been established, including a research base of fungus polysaccharide of Ministry of Agriculture, an edible fungus field of Shandong province, a base of international scientific and technological cooperation of biogas environment microorganism of Qingdao, and a base of international scientific and technological cooperation of oil crop of Qingdao. The specialty also contains one provincial key discipline of biochemistry and molecular biology and six teaching and experimental labs including botany, microscope lab of network interaction, two specimen rooms of plant and microbiology, and twenty teaching practice bases inside or outside of the university.

Main Achievement:In past five years, the specialty of biotechnology has constructed seven provincial excellent courses, won one Second Class Award of National Scientific and Technological Progress, three provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Achievement Award, and two Second Class Prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievement. It undertook eighty national and provincial scientific research projects, and the funding reached to more than thirty-five million yuan. The faculty has won twenty national patents, published more than 400 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals such as Nature, Nature Genetics etc, and published five textbooks.

Main Courses:Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Bioinformatics, Molecular biology, Cell engineering, Fermentation engineering, Exploitation and utilization of green agricultural biological means of production, Genetic engineering.

Educational Objectives:To cultivate high-quality talent who has full developments of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics, build well basic theory, knowledge and technique of biotechnology, good training in scientific thinking and experiment technique that engaged in bioresearch and technology application, has strong independent learning ability, practical and innovation ability, and can engage in scientific research, teaching, bio-product development, new technological research, enterprise management in scientific and research institutes, university, biotech corp or relevant enterprises and institutions.


Biotechnology Major (Mushroom direction)

Major courses: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biostatistics, Edible Mushroom Processing, Mushroom Breeding, Cultivation of Edible Mushroom

Training targets: The training targets include all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic, with strong sense of responsibility and master of basic theory, basic knowledge and professional skills in the field of biotechnology. Special training for the Biotechnology major also contains the courses of edible fungus breeding, pest control, mushroom production and processing, to have the students with entrepreneurial ability, necessary scientific research skills, and the capabilities of technology development and management. The purpose of the training program is to transform and develop the students into high-quality and application-oriented talents, being able to engage in mushroom production and design, marketing and development, operation and management, and some teaching and research in the field.

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