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Located in Laiyang, Haidu College has had more than sixty year’s history up to now. It is one of the independent colleges of Qingdao Agricultural University approved by Ministry of Education of China in 2005 on the basis of former Laiyang Agricultural College. The campus covers an area of 67 hectares with a total property valuing 3.47 million RMB, including an available building area of 201,700 square meters, teaching and scientific research equipment costing 43,152,500 RMB and 1,019,000 volumes of books in the library and so on. It is able to accommodate 10,000 students.

In 2006, Haidu College ranked second among all 12 independent colleges in Shandong about the volumes of scientific research equipment and library books per student as well as the ratio of student and teacher, evaluated by the Shandong Provincial Education Department. In the same year, Haidu College won The Best Competitive Independent College of China in the activity of comprehensive strength evaluation of all independent colleges, which is organized by National Institute of Education Sciences. In 2007, the Association of Higher Education in China conferred Haidu College “Western Educational Advisory Unit of China”. In 2008, Haidu College is honored as “Top 10 Model School of China for the Last Thirty year’s Reform and Opening Up” by Modern Education News and Tencent Education Web. Meanwhile, it is awarded “Advanced Learning Team of Shandong Province” by Shandong Provincial Education Department, Department of Science & Teaching of Shandong Province and Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province. In 2009, Haidu College is titled Faithful and Harmonious Institution of China by the Committee of Chinese Integrity Miles, Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Healthy committee of Shandong Political and Consultative Conference and Shandong Federation of Social Sciences(SFSS). In 2010, Haidu College was granted the Cultivating Talent Award in Shandong. In 2013, Xinhua Net named Haidu College as the Influential Independent College of China in 2013.

Haidu College consists of six departments including Engineering, Food Science, Biological Science and Technology, Humanities and Arts, Economics and Management, and Fundamental Teaching Section. It has 33 bachelor’s degree programs and some relevant professional college degree. The college recruits students from various provinces municipally and autonomously and it also recruits students upgrading from junior college to university. There are 142 off-campus teaching bases and 11 practical teaching centers for Computer, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building Engineering, Animal Science, Planting Science, Economics and Management as well as Humanities and Arts. The college now has a total enrollment of over 80,000 students and a total faculty of 458 teachers, among which there are 99 ones who has Doctor’s degree, 283 who has Master’s degree, 58 professors and 128 associate professors.

Haidu College insists educational beliefs of serving the regional economic development, meeting the social needs, focusing on undergraduate education, running school legally and typically, and building quality school. The college promotes the spirit of learned knowledge, acute thinking, vigorous movement, superb excellence and prevails the trend of harmonious, diligent, competitive and elegant. The college implements the strategy of student-oriented management and cordial service as well as special teaching and training students according to their goals and adopts a training program of credit-based system with teaching models of “3+1”(for undergraduates) and “2+1”(for junior college students) and following the training plans of professional framework combines with practical operating which is of great help for employment, civil service exam and graduate entrance exam. The college focuses on the cultivation of the student’s personality cultivation, humanistic spirit and comprehensive quality.

The post-graduate enrollment ratio of Haidu College keeps on 15%-21% every year and the rate of employment reaches the top place among all independent colleges in Shandong province.

Haidu College offers all kinds of scholarships including National and Provincial Scholarship every year. It also provides the first, second, third Prize Scholarships for students who attain academic excellence every term and the maximum amount is 2,000 RMB. And there are Merit Student Scholarship, Outstanding Student Cadre Scholarship, Individual Scholarship, Specialty Scholarship and Enterprise Stipend Scholarship for students. These scholarships cover about at least 40% students. Besides, students from low-income families can apply for financial aid, such as National Student Award, Enterprise Student Stipend Award, Work-Study Programs and public supports to finish their college studies.

Haidu College conducts international exchanges and cooperation with foreign institutions. In 2012, the college was approved by Shandong Provincial Education Department, Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government and Shandong Public Security Bureau to get the qualification for receiving foreign students, and sign exchange and cooperation agenda with institutions in US, Korea, Italy, Philippines, and New Zealand and so on. The program of sending exchange students to institutions in Korea is now in full swing, which means the college sends the excellent junior college students to Korea for Bachelor’s degree and college students for Master’s degree.

(Translated by Li Hui)

Haidu College of QAU: http://www.hdxy.org/

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