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 (Jewelry design) 

conditions: The program has 6 faculty members, including 2 associate professors and 3 instructors, all of which have graduate degrees or above. It is equipped with jewelry design and production laboratory, and exhibition centers for materials and ceramics. It has established close cooperative relations with Art School of the Chung-Ang University in South Korea, which is the leader in this field, Silla University, and jewelry design companies in Qingdao and other places. It also cooperates with Qingdao Economy Vocational School to cultivate undergraduates majoring in jewelry design through the 3+4 program.

Academic Achievements: In recent years, The faculty and their artwork has won 5 national or provincial awards and 4 municipal awards. Meanwhile, they all participated in 2 national publication projects under the National Press Fund and the key publications project during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Also, over 50 academic papers and works have been published professional journals.

Main courses: jewelry materials and basic process, jewelry modeling and process, jewelry design, materials design, special jewelry design, jewelry CAD bases, rhino aided design, jewelry drawing and effect representation, fashion and brand culture, etc.

Teaching objectives: The goals are to cultivate students’ comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetics, to provides them with a broad understanding of the jewelry industry through in-depth study of the basic theories and methods of jewelry design and creative process, to help them develop their abilities engaged in the design, production and marketing.

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