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 (Include the professional direction of illustration, Chinese painting and appreciation ) 

Faculty, Teaching and Learning Resources

The pragram, with 12 full time teachers, has a strong teaching team including one professor, one distinguished visiting professor from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) , two guest professors and five associate professors; seven with master or higher degrees, one member from the illustration binding art committee of the China artist association, five members of China Fine Art Association and Calligraphy Association, one academic leader in this discipline, one Qilu talent, one provincially registered literature and art critic. Our School equipped with a silk-screen printing and printmaking, ceramics, copies of paintings and calligraphy, art galleries and other laboratories and facilities. The department also has practical training places in Beijing, Anhui, and Qingdao.

Academic Achievement

The faculty and their artwork has won a series of awards organized by the Ministries of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, China Federation of Literacy and Art Circles, China Arts Association, and China Calligraphers Association are as follows:

- 9th National Fine Arts Exhibition

- 1st and 2nd Chinese gold color Art Award

- 4th Chinese calligraphy Lanting Award

- 8th Literacy Criticism Award of China Federation of Literacy and Art Circles (three first grade awards, two second grade awards and four outstanding awards)

- Mountain Tai Literacy Award hosted by Shandong Provincial committee of the communist party of China and Shandong Provincial Government (two second and third grade awards and six provincial level awards)

Fourteen pieces of artwork has been selected in Art Exhibitions such as Beijing International Art Biennale. The department has undertaken six provincial and ministry level research projects, published five monographs, textbooks and 197 papers (artworks), the students’ works have won multiple awards, four of them have been selected in the 2nd and 3rd National Fine Arts Exhibition. Twelve pieces of work have been selected in and nine of them have won the highest level of awards of the 2nd and 3rd National College Art Exhibitions hosted by China Artist Association. These achievements are among the best of the colleges who offer similar disciplines. Hundreds of students’ artwork pieces have been selected for or won awards in domestic and international competitions.

Main Courses

  •  Main courses for the Illustration major include basic modeling, formal language study, production of illustration, bookbinding and design, publishing and printing etc.
  • Main courses for Chinese painting and appreciation include line drawing, realistic and freehand figure painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting, thematic creation of Chinese painting, calligraphy, national and foreign art history, artwork appreciation and management, fine arts exhibition and planning, etc.

Teaching Objectives

  • The Illustration major aims to help graduates to develop
    - Humanistic and art literacy
    - Consciences of innovation
    - Capacities to master the basic theories
    - Knowledge and skills of illustration and bookbinding
    - Ability to create illustrations, bookbinding and graphic design by means of traditional and modern digital media
    These objectives enabling highly innovated and talented graduates to excel in illustration production, creative image development, advertising Design in the field of mass cultural and culture communications.
  • The Chinese painting and appreciation major aims to equip students with basic theories of Chinese painting productions, offering practical training in Chinese painting creation, painting and Calligraphy appreciation, curation and marketing, and providing students with a spirit of innovation. Our graduates will be able to work in private and public sectors including painting academies, art gallerias, museums, educational institutions, cultural and media publications, art graphic design, auction companies as highly talented experts.

Translated by School of Arts

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