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School of economics and management has a strong faculty consisting of both distinguished scholars and professors. In 2014, the school has 105 faculty members in total, including 84 full-time teachers, among whom 13 people are professors and 23 teachers are associate professors. 23 faculty members received their doctoral degrees both in domestic and overseas countries. More than 95 percent of teachers have already received master’s degrees. 

The school has a first-level master degree program of agriculture and forestry economic management, including 2 second-level discipline of agricultural economy management and forestry economy management. The postgraduate program also offers 2 professional master degrees, including rural and regional development as well as agricultural scientific technology organization and service promotion. The school currently has 84 full-time graduate students and 278 part-time agricultural promotion graduate students.

The school currently has 9 undergraduate degree programs, consisting of agricultural and forestry economy management, accounting, financial management, international economy and trade, electronic commerce, marketing, economy and finance, as well as agricultural and forestry economy management(intellectual property). There are also 2 undergraduate-level cooperative program between university and enterprise which comprise accounting and logistic management. The undergraduate program also offers those students who pass the college entrance examination in spring enrolment opportunities of getting degrees in 4 majors, including accounting, financial management, logistic management, international economy and trade. In addition, the school offers a junior college program of international economy and trade (joint cultivation between domestic and overseas university). The school currently has more than 4442 undergraduate and junior college students. Furthermore, education center which is subject to school of economy and management possesses about 1377 training students.

The school sets a basic target of comprehensively constructing applied talent cultivation mode centered on subject building mission. The school actively conducts teaching reform and innovation, further improves specialty fostering program, attaches great importance to specialty construction, and enhances the cultivation of featured discipline. Through unremitting efforts, the subject of agricultural and forestry economy management is awarded as university-level featured specialty. The school continuously intensifies practical and experimental skill teaching, constantly improves experimental teaching conditions. More than 4 million expenditure are used to establish multiple function experimental centre. More than 20 off-campus internship bases are built up according to social demand. The school always pays more attention to teaching management quality and strengthens supervision and inspection of teaching link. Moreover, the school reinforces the construction of studying and exam discipline in a bid to optimize teaching order. The school takes some effective measures to encourage teachers to carry on teaching research and excellent course construction. In recent five years, more than 120 teaching research papers are published. The management-related courses are approved as provincial-level excellent course construction project. The school also actively organizes students to take part in high-level academic contest and therefore the undergraduate student’s creative and innovative ability are increased very fast. The school student delegation frequently obtained first prize and second prize at the national-level contest called“E Lutong the national university student network commerce innovation and application ability competition ”and “Yongyou sand table simulation operation competition”sponsored by commercial bank and software enterprise respectively.

The school also attaches great importance the cultivation of teacher’s scientific research ability and gradually improves incentive system. 3 key research fields, including agriculture-centered industrial economy, metropolis modern agriculture, and new-type urbanization are evolved. More than 6 stable and high-level research teams are formed. The school acquires more than 140 approved research projects and gains altogether 6.16 million scientific research expenditure as well as gets more than 50 awards at or above the city-level. More than 382 articles are published at various academic journals and more and more teachers participate in academic conference both in china and overseas countries. The school faculty also actively attends social and economic practical activities and conducts research work as well as social service. Some research achievements have already become the important decision-making reference for local government.

The school positively sets up exchange platform for teachers and students on the purpose of promoting international cooperation and exchange. School builds up cooperative relations with foreign research organizations and universities which include America, Germany, Japan, and The People’s Republic of Korea. The school carries on a wide exchange and cooperation in the field of rural economy, rural society, agricultural business, agricultural finance, as well as international agriculture. Up to 40 teachers and as many as 50 students travel to foreign countries to engage in studying and research activities as visiting scholar or exchange student. 5 foreign experts are employed to conduct teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate. They bring a great amount of up-to-date knowledge and research results. Through these measures the school achieves good effects.

Welcome the visiting scholars from South Korea’s rural development administration.

The faculty and postgraduates from school of economics and management travel to ChonbukNationalUniversity to attend international academic conference.

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