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Founded in 1987, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in which there are Teaching Division of Ideological and Political Theory Course, Department of Social Management and Department of Chinese. Teaching Division of Ideological and Political Theory Course contains Sections of Philosophy, Contemporary Marxism, History, Moral Education. Department of Social Management contains Sections of Management, Education and Psychology, Social Work. Department of Chinese contains Sections of Literature, Linguistics, Secretarial Science. Department of Social Management provides Public Utilities Administration and Social Work undergraduate programs, Rural Organization and System Science master program. Department of Chinese provides two undergraduate programs—Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Secretarial Science.

In this college, there are 73 faculty members, among whom 5 are professors, 28 are associate professors, 3 are Master Supervisors,25 are Doctors and Doctor Students. 1 is an evaluation expert on Shandong Academy of Social Science Achievement Award; 1 is the committee member of “An Introduction to the Basic Principle of the Marx Doctrine” Teaching Guide Committee at Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province; 2 are among “Top-100 Project Experts on Theories in Shandong Province” and 1 is among “Ten-100 Project of Outstanding Young Teachers on Teaching Ideological and Political Theory Course at Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province”. In addition, there are 36 part-time teachers, among which 4 are professors, 2 are Master Supervisors and 1 is Doctor Supervisor. More than 1,200 students are studying in the college.

This college attaches great importance to scientific research work and has made great achievements in the fields of Theories of Marxism, Rural Organization and System, Social Work, Rural Culture, Rural Sociology, Public Administration, Theoretical Analysis on Women and so on. “The Women/Gender Research and Training Base of Shandong Province” is in this college.

In recent years, it has presided 1 National Social Science Fund project, 24 provincial projects, 4 of them are Human and Social Science of the Ministry of Education project, and 52 prefectural projects. It also won 1 provincial prize and 54 prefectural prizes. And it has published over 5 monographs and compiled 3 textbooks. In addition, it has published 86 articles in Periodicals of CSSCI and Chinese core journals directory, among which 36 articles were from Authority Journals and 22 articles were from CSSCI.

This college always aims to foster high-quality talents, concentrates on moral education, carries forward the main melody of the times, creates “Humanities Forum”, establishes college’s periodical “Feng Hua”, opens courses on Humanistic Quality Education, guides famous works, develops students’ humanistic perspective, builds a spiritual pillar of contemporary young students, and emphasizes on training students’ social practicing ability, focusing on cultivating “Habit Education”. College Students Volunteers Social Practice Service Group in this college has been named as “National Top-100 Excellent Teams” by the Central Committee for two consecutive years. Their activities has been interviewed and reported by many mass media such as and The quality of students was improving steadily. In recent years, more than 300 students got the admissions to PekingUniversity, Renmin University of China, and other prestigious universities and ChineseAcademyof Social Science and other research institutes. The initial employment rate has remained above 90%.

In recent years, nearly 200 students took part in Volunteer activities of The Olympic Games, The World Horticultural Exposition, and The Asian Beach Games, among which 15 students were named “Excellent Volunteers of  Chinese College Students”.

This college, based on the principle of “Concentrating on Teaching, Dedicated to Academic Research, Being Worthy of the Times”, inheriting and developing the Spirits of Qingdao Agricultural University, strives to build the college into one with distinctive characteristics and high popularity in colleges and universities.

Liqun Sun, Speaker of “Lecture Room” in CCTV

He Tang, famous musician, visiting

Volunteer students in our college cheer for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games

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