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Foreign languages college was established in 1999, with 120 faculty (108 full-time teachers) and 11 foreign teachers. So outstanding is the group of full-time teachers which includes 8 PhDs, 22 PhD candidates and 25 (associate) professors. The teachers who have oversea education background account for 41 percent. Equipped with 14 modern multimedia language laboratories which have a capacity of 952 students, and high level professional studios and foreign language education broadcaster, foreign languages college has built 2 GRE testing centers. Since the establishment of the college, 3532 full-time graduates have been cultivated who make their own contribution in all walks of life. The college with 1049 full-time students at present offers 1 secondary discipline master degree program which focuses on English for special purpose, and three undergraduate degree programs: English, Japanese and Korean.

Placing prime emphasis on teaching jobs, the college always takes effective measures to enhance the level of teaching and improve the quality of talent training. In the past three years, the college was awarded 2 “the Third Prizes of Teaching Achievement in Shandong Province”, 3 “the First Prizes of Teaching Achievement in Qingdao Agricultural University”, 3 “the Second Prizes of Teaching Achievement in Qingdao Agricultural University” and 3 “the Third Prizes of Teaching Achievement in Qingdao Agricultural University”. At the same time, so many teaching and researching achievements have been acquired: the teachers took charge of 13 research topics at provincial level, published 51 teaching research papers, wrote 19 textbooks, won 4 “Multimedia Education Software Competitions among Young College Teachers” of Shandong or Qingdao and 51 projects at university level. Meanwhile, 8 teachers were rated as “Outstanding Teachers of Qingdao Agricultural University” and “Teaching Experts of Qingdao Agricultural University”. 7 teachers carried off prizes in “Teaching Competition among Young College Teachers in Shandong Province”.    

By vigorously strengthening research activities, the overall level of scientific research of the college has been continuously improved. In the past three years, 178 papers have been published, 44 in core periodicals and 18 in CPCI retrieval. At the same time, 3 academic works and 2 translation works have been published. Moreover, 65 scientific research projects have been achieved, among which 1 was national social science fund and 10 provincial projects. Including 2 “Third Prizes in Provincial Achievements in Scientific Research”, 3 “Prefectural Achievements” and 8 “Deputy Provincial Achievements”, the college has acquired 23 achievements.

Over the years, the official employment rate of graduates was above 90% at average. The rate of admission of postgraduates was dominating the higher-achieving tables among all colleges of arts. The passing rate of TEM-4, TEM-8 remained at a high level. In 2014, the passing rate of TEM-4 was 65.14%, which was 14.7% points higher than the national rate. (The national rate of TEM-4 was 50.43%) The passing rate of TEM-8 was 61.95%, which was 19% points higher than the national rate. (The national rate of TEM-8 was 42.76%)

 The recent three years have witnessed the achievements of students. 93 students have been awarded at or above provincial levels. 96 students won prizes in different kinds of competitions at or above prefectural levels. 10 students were awarded the honorable the title of “Top Ten College Students”. Fruitful results did they achieve! Guo Song, the excellent model of college students, won the title of “National Excellent League Member”, “Excellent Individual Award of China Youth Volunteers”, “Civilized Citizen of Qingdao Province” and “Top Ten Moral Models Who deeply moved Qingdao” and so on. Yang Zhiwei won the “First Prize in the Fourth Japanese Writing Contest among all Chinese People” in 2008. Tian Lun was awarded the “First Prize in Shandong Division of CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest” and “the National Improvement Award” in 2009. Guo Lijuan has the honor to win the “First Prize in Shandong Division of the Seventh Kumho Asiana Cup Korean Speaking Contest among all Chinese College Students” in 2012.

With the brand-oriented construction as its core, the college developed a lot of professional activities with its own characteristics and tried its best to expand students’ innovative quality education. In recent years, the brand of study construction named “Learning at Foreign Languages College, Promoting both Morality and Knowledge”, the brand of voluntary service of Guo Song’s voluntary service teams, the brand of campus cultural activity of foreign languages festival have begun to take shape, which provided a cultural activity platform for students to improve professional application ability, promote the development in an all-round way and show graceful bearing.

Attaching great importance to international communication and cooperation, the college brings mutual displacement between teachers, mutual recognition of credit and mutual exchange between students into effect. With the purpose of building a platform for cultivating high-level skilled labors with international perspective and encouraging more students to go abroad, the college signed friendly cooperation agreements with Murray State University, Kyoto Seizan College, Doshisha University, Yamagata University, Nagano University, Chongju University, Gyeongsang National University, Jeonju University and other universities totaling more than a dozen. More than thirty students aredispatched abroad for further study and communication every year. The number of students who earn foreign postgraduate admissions is in excess of 20 every year. Further enhanced has students’ international view been.

 Modern multi-media language laboratories

Diverse teaching activities

International communication and cooperation

The brand-oriented Foreign Languages Festival

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