Prof. Shang Shuqi‘s Team Is Selected into Top Ten News of National Agricultural Mechanization

2019-03-08 17:10            

Recently, the 2018 Hongzhu Cup for the selection of top ten news of national agricultural mechanization sponsored by China Agricultural Mechanization Herald, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center of China Agricultural University and Qingdao Hongzhu Agricultural Machinery. The news that "the team of agricultural machinery teachers led by Professor Shang Shuqi, the dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University, was selected into the first branch teams of 'Huang Danian-style Teachers of National Colleges and Universities' " was selected as one of the top ten news of this year.

On January 3, 2018, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the first batch teams of "Huang Danian-style Teachers of National Colleges and Universities". The teachers team of agricultural machinery of Qingdao Agricultural University was listed among them. It was the third time that the team was selected as one of the “Top Ten National Agricultural Mechanization News”. The team have 10 teachers, including the leader Professor Shang Shuqi, the dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. All of the team members have doctoral degrees. Over the years, the team has won multiple prizes and honorary titles, such as the "National May 1st Labor Medal", "National Excellent Science and Technology Worker", "National Top Ten Agricultural Machinery Teacher", "Outstanding Teacher of Shandong Province",  "Advanced Collective of Agriculture Strengthened by  Science and Technology of Shandong Province" and the like.

In terms of technological innovation and society service, the team has seccessively won 11 scientific research awards above provincial and ministerial-level, including 2 national second awards for "Sciencific and Technological Advancement", two "Chinese Industry-University-Research Innovation Award" in succession; the team have set up 32  workstations for expers and practice bases for scientific research and teaching. The team was also approved as one of the  collaborative innovation centers of production equipment for major crop mechanization of Shandong Province, and four provincial-level sharing platforms for scientific research innovation. Shang Shuqi team have stepped on the innovation road of industry-university-research cooperation and social services. 



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