QAU and Chengyang District Co-build Qingdao International Biomedical and Fodder Evaluation

2019-02-09 16:59            

On January 28th, a contract of the project of Qingdao International Biomedical and Fodder Evaluation and Testing Center,which was  jointly established by QAU and Chengyang District is signed in the fourth conference room of the People's Hall of Chengyang District. School Party Secretary Li Baozhen, President Song Xiyun, Chengyang District Party Secretary Wang Bo, and District Mayor Li Hongbin attend the signing ceremony. The ceremony is presided over by Li Yuhai, deputy head of Chengyang District.

The project of Qingdao International Biomedical and Fodder Evaluation and Testing Center brings together the technical, human and market resources of some universities and research institutes in China, the United States, Australia, Denmark and other countries and establishs the first international public service platform for biomedical and fodder evaluation and testing. The completion of the project can be used as a public service platform for biomedical services in Qingdao. It will be integrated into Qingdao's “Circle Bay Development” and the national strategy of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, which will drive the rapid development of regional industry economy. The total area of the project is 12,000 square meters, including 1500 square meters of biosafety laboratory, 2500 square meters of biomedical function evaluation center, 8000 square meters of feed and enzyme preparation evaluation center, biomedicine and medical equipment production workshop, and agricultural and animal husbandry platform.

At the ceremony, Academician Jin Ningyi of the Institute of Military Veterinary Medicine of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is hired as a Distinguished Professor of QAU. President Song Xiyun issues an offer letter to him.


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