QAU's Postgraduate Education Quality Improvement Plan Sees Harvest

2019-01-25 16:57            

Recently, from the list of the construction of the 2018 Shandong Provincial Postgraduate Education Quality Improvement Plan announced by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, 12 projects of Qingdao Agricultural University were approved. Among them, 2 projects  are in the construction project of quality education courses for postgraduate education of Shandong Province; 2 projects are in the construction project of postgraduate courses for professional degree of Shandong Province; and 1 project is in the construction project of a joint training medium for postgraduate education of Shandong Province.  Besides, there are 6 ordinary projects and 1 special project in improving the ability of tutors of Postgraduate students in Shandong Province .

Among them, the subject of animal epidemiology of Dan Hu and the advanced crop breeding theory and method of Mu Ping were listed as high-quality curriculum projects; the boutique course case library construction of the bio-separation technology studied by Hao Zhihui,  the master's teaching case library in agricultural engineering and  information technology studied by Zhao Liqing are listed as professional degree postgraduate teaching case library projects. The postgraduate education joint training base, Qingdao Agricultural University-Shandong Yihe Feed Co., Ltd., is listed in the joint training project in Shandong province. Six projects studied by Hao Zhihui, Yang Jianming, Chai Chao, Cao Rongfeng, Zhang Haiyan, and Bai Hanran were listed as ordinary projects in improveing abilities by tutors; and one project, studied by Wang Zhaohua, was listed as a mentor-led capacity improvement project.

In recent years, Qingdao Agricultural University has taken the discipline construction as the guide. It has adhered to the service of the new and old kinetic energy conversion, rural revitalization strategy needs.  The central task is to improve the quality of postgraduate education and continuously strengthen the postgraduate curriculum, professional degree postgraduate teaching case library, postgraduate joint training base construction. All these aim to teffectively improve the quality of the training of postgraduates.

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