QAU Makes Important Breakthroughs in Functional Microbial Metabolism

2019-01-13 16:52            

Recently, Prof. Yang Song and Prof. Guo Lizhong from the Key Laboratory of Applied Fungi of Shandong Agricultural University have made many breakthroughs in the anabolic and catabolic direction of functional microorganisms. The results have been published in the international mainstream classic journals in the field of microbiology. The above research has been continuously funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Joint Fund Key Cultivation Project and the Youth Fund Project.

As a life phenomenon on the edge of the earth, extreme microbes have long-term evolution and have the special structure and genetic basis needed to adapt to the extreme environment. Studying their metabolic pathways and products not only provides a theoretical basis for improving the yield of crops in saline-alkali land, but also reveals the origin of life, system evolution and other aspects which have important practical significance. In June 2018, the research results of Lu Weidong, an associate professor of Guo Lizhong, were published in the Applied Micro Microbiology, with master student ShaoYahui as the first author, and Lu Weidong the corresponding author. At the same time, the research results of the team's associate professor Yu Hao were published in the Journal of Bacteriology ( January 2018) and Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (June 2018). The new technology of Professor Yang Song, the director of the key laboratory, is expected to be widely used in the manufacturing fields of artificial rubber, nylon and resin. The market prospect is expected. The research results are published in Microbial Cell Factories (December 2018), with graduate student Yang Jing as the first author, and Yang Song the corresponding author. 


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