QAU Wins Six Awards of Qingdao Science and Technology Award in 2017

2018-06-29 11:09            

On June 26th, Qingdao held the City's Science and Technology Awards Conference to commend and reward the projects and science and technology workers that won the Qingdao Science and Technology Award in 2017. Five achievements were hosted and completed by QAU and one was participated in. They all were recognized, and two of the scientific and technological achievements won the first prize of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award.

 The “Mechanical Production Technology and Equipment for Rhizome Crops” was presided over and completed by QAU professor Shang Shuqi and “Pear Varieties Resource Innovation and Development and Utilization” hosted by Professor Wang Ran. They respectively won the first prize of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award; The “Research and Application of Special Peanut New Germplasm ” hosted by Wang Jingshan won the second prize of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award; The “Research and Application of Functional Genes Related to Sheep Wool Production and Efficient Breeding Technology" presided over by professor Zhao Jinshan and “Key Technolog and Application Development of Green Preparation of Functional Starch” hosted by professor Sun Qingjie, the “Drying High-efficiency Breeding Technology Innovation and New Variety Breeding Promotion of Pepper”, which professor Liu Jianping participated in. They won the third prizes of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award respectively.

The "Mechanical Production Technology and Equipment for Rhizome Crops" presided over by Professor Shang Shuqi won the first prize of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award. This achievement is aimed at the common problems in the process of sowing and harvesting of rhizome crops. The project team has carried researched collaboratively and systematically, and invented a common harvesting mechanical method based on the seed characteristics of rhizome crops to deliver low-loss seeding and the fruits are loose-divided-delieverd and laid in order, creating a technology system of combined precise seeding and "cut loose,separate and transport" integrated fruit soil separation, as well as chain clipping and orderly spread and harvesting of rhizome. Besides, this achievement pioneered 11 key sowing machine technologies, including copying vibration assisted scoop feeding, paper tape seeding, and chain netting, it invented 26 key technologies such as multi-stage rolling vibrating chain transporting soil cleaning and height automatic control, bending and conveying of self-conducting seeding, automatic alignment and cutting, and side laying of self-balancing vibration bar. The solution of mechanized production of rhizome crops and its supporting tools were proposed based on the agronomic requirements of rhizome crops; The first “Technical Information Exchange Platform for the Production of Mechanized Industry of Rhizome Crops” was created and improved. In order to adapt to different planting requirements and different planting areas, 9 kinds of combined planters, 10 kinds of sectional harvesters and 4 kinds of combine harvesters were created and applied.There are 16 uthorized invention patents, 44 utility model patents, 5 software copyrights, and more than 60 papers were published, they formulated 1 national industry standard and 13 enterprise standards; All the 23 kinds of equipment developed have passed the inspection by national or provincial identification departments. 13 kinds of agricultural machinery products was listed in the catalogue of agricultural machinery supported by the state and the province. These machines have become the leading models for promotion and application in the country, resulting in a huge economic social benefits. It played an important technical support role in promoting the development of rhizome crops industry in China.

Professor Wang Ran presided over and compieted the "Pear Varieties Resource Innovation and Development and Utilization" won the first prize of Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award. Through long-term and large-scale experimental research, this achievement has developed new varieties such as 'Qing Mi', 'Qiu Yu', 'Qindao Red', 'Lu Xiu', which is suitable for the development of early, middle and late maturity of high-quality, storable, and red-face. Through the systematic introduction experiments, the new variety of high-quality, early-maturing and shelf-stable, new pear No. 7, was introduced in our province at the first time. It has been promoted and applied in Laixi, Pingdu, Yangxin and other places. The breeding capacity of new varieties of seedlings has increased year by year. It has become the main product of product structure adjustment and industrial development. In cooperation with the promotion of new varieties, the key technology research on improving quality and efficiency was carried out, and the pathogenesis of physiological disease sclerosis, which seriously affects fruit quality, was revealed, and effective preventive measures were proposed. The cultivation models of new varieties of scaffolding and wide-line dense plant type were established and improved, and the technical regulations for green food pear production in Qingdao were completed. The system has carried out a processing applicability evaluation of about 30 new varieties and other varieties of resources, and established an evaluation to select pear varieties (excellent) suitable for different processing methods. The project has been funded by scientific research funds such as the Qingdao Science and Technology Plan Public Sector Support Project, Shandong Provincial Agricultural Variety Project, it has published 43 research papers in domestic and foreign journals, obtained 4 kind of patents, 3 varieties of certificates, and reported 5 new plant variety rights. The promotion and application of new varieties, new models and new technologies have achieved good economic and social benefits.

It was reported that the conference has honored 145 projects (individuals). The number of first prizes in Qingdao Natural Science is 2, and second prizes is 6; The number of second prizes in Qingdao technical inventions is 3, and third prizes is 6; The number of first prizes for scientific and technological progress in Qingdao is 9, and 117 for second and third prizes ; The number of international cooperation awards is 2.



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