QAU’s Women’s Dragon Boat Team Wins Double Crown in Shandong National Fitness Games

2018-06-23 09:27            

Drums bursting into flames, huge crowds of people gathering and swaying, hundreds of dragon boats ran for the first along the Pearl River. On 17 June, at the Dragon Boat Race of the 8th National Fitness Games in Shandong Province, the Women's Dragon Boat Team of Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) and 24 teams from all over the province competed on the Weihai Pearl River. After fierce competition, the Qingdao Agricultural University Dragon Boat Team won women's championship of 200 meters and 500 meters. 

The dragon boat sport is a good fitness and athletic project. It is also a spiritual culture in its essence. It is also an excellent traditional culture with unique characteristics, unity spirits and enlightenment functions, which contains patriotic sprits, humanities and national traditions.  QAU has always attached great importance to the development of traditional national sports. The dance dragon and lion dance programs have been established in the physical education curriculum. The dragon and lion dance performance has become a beautiful landscape at campus. In recent years, the school has carried out dragon boat sports in extracurricular training, leading young people in the new era to actively carry forward and promote China's excellent traditional culture. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at the Peking University Teacher-Student Symposium, "Chinese outstanding traditional culture has become the gene of the Chinese nation, rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people, and subtly affecting the Chinese people's way of thinking and behavior." By participating in the training and competition of the dragon boat sports, the dragon boat spirit inspired dragon boat players in every generation. Every noon and weekend, the members of the Dragon Boat Team kept training under the burning sun. The drums and passionate horns resounded through the shores of Hongzi Lake. They showed the spirit of youthful vitality and the spirit of unity and forge ahead every schoolfellow of the school. 

The spirits of dragon boat, ‘together in the same boat, unite and struggle, and bravely strive for the first’, is the epitome of the Chinese nation’s self-improvement, unity and advance. It is the spiritual torch that ignites the people to create passion, and is a precious spiritual wealth.  As a new and strong competitor in the dragon boat sport, the Dragon Boat Team of QAU will closely follow the footsteps of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and together they will endorse the dragon boat culture, inherit the traditional Chinese culture, and hope that the QAU Dragon Boat Team will continue to triumph, achieve more in the temper of the wind and the waves! 


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