QAU's Learning Tyrants Domitory Make a hit in National Postgraduate Entrance Examination

2018-07-30 16:45            

With another year's graduation season coming, Learning Tyrants Domitories, members of which have done a good job in  the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination, spring up in Qingdao Agricultural Univertersity(QAU). Students of seven domitories, including 18 # 213 and 217 of Animal Science and Technology College, 18 # 602 and 612 of Marine Science and Engineering College, 20 # 103 of Life and Science college, 16 # 622 of Animal Medicine College, and 21 # 602 of College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, all passed the postgraduate entrance examination successfully. 27 of the 40 students were admitted to 211 and 985 Project key universities. Let's come to read the amazing stories of the 6 learning tyrants in 18 # 213.

How fortunate I am to have you close friends!

"They are six big boys with distinct personalities." —— This is the impression people make when they see them for the first time. Either Zhang Jiashun, who is handsome and energetic, or Zhang Min, who is humorous and cheerful, they always have some shimmer, and they habitually take each other's temperament into account when talking. They appreciate each other's strengths and tolerate other's shortcomings, which has been a tacit agreement among them for a long time.

Zhang Jiashun, who used to be captain of the basketball team, is admitted to Guangxi University. He told us that they have always supported each other when they prepared for the exams. "Everyone went to the library early to study, and I was ashamed of playing games." Zhang Jiashun said with a smile.   In the second semester of junior year, faced with the choice of whether to take the postgraduate entrance examination, they all chose to have the exams, and they worked hard together every day. "When you see who is slacking, you should tell him." The six people interacted with each other and encouraged each other to live through one bottleneck period after another.

After long time of hard work, they finally succeded.

Zhao Wentao, who is admitted to South China Agricultural University, took part in the national summer camp for college students organized by the College of Veterinary Medicine of South China Agricultural University and won the title of outstanding camper. That was an opportunity to meet many teachers of South China Agricultural University, which is a great help for his future study of postgraduate entrance examination. “Be sure to get a deeper understanding of the university you want to apply in advance.” Knowing one's enemy and knowing one's own, one can fight without danger. He told us that the more you know about the goal, the closer you will reach the goal.

There are many difficulties during the process, but they have basically gone through it together. "Everyone's life was almost the same every day when studying for a postgraduate study. It was very interesting to exchange the new things of the day after the study." The tone is easy and freehand, but always with a little gratitude to each other. For them, the partners who support each other and the time they have spent together are the great help to overcome the difficulties during the preparation of the examination. And when any one of them encounters difficulties in learning, the other five will give a hand to him. "We meeting each other it is a very lucky thing." During the interview, their faces were always filled with smiles; they gave eye contact; and they smiled continuously and that was very harmonious.

An external force that can help improve his sense of correction.

"The most important thing to learn English well!" said Chu Changjiang, who was admitted to Yangzhou University. “It was hard to take a postgraduate English exam, and it was a completely different concept from CET4 or CET6. When you are in the first three years, you should accumulate more knowledge, and the more, the better.  This may not have an immediate effect, but for a long time, the vocabulary and language will definitely improve. 

Interestingly, from the other five students, English seems to be the second: "Professional class! Professional courses are the most important thing! "They mentioned that, especially in the retest, professional courses can even be said to be the decisive factors. Generally, mentors pay more attention to professionalism. In contrast, students' work experience during undergraduate studies is less important. “The first words of the student cadre is students.” More or less, six students have experience as student cadres. They all said that learning is always the most important, but the student's work experience during the undergraduate period can provide a broader platform for them. The key to coordinating learning and work is to "enhance efficiency." This will allow you to have more extra time and develop yourself better.

The way for National Postgraduate Entrance Examination is long and there are friends all the time. The friendship between the six students is enviable, and their hard work is unforgettable. They said: "Even if the moment of separation is coming, they will never forget the journey with each other."


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