QAU And Royal Agricultural University Sign Memorandum Of Cooperation

2018-06-29 15:04            

On the morning of June 15, Lucy Margaret Meredith, vice president of the Royal Agricultural University,Stephen Thomas, project director in China, and Wang Xiaoyu, director of the China Representative Office, visited Qingdao Agricultural University. President Song Xiyun and Vice President Gu Weidong held a talk with visitors at the conference room of the Academic Hall. Song Xiyun and Lucy signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Qingdao Agricultural University and the Royal Agricultural University. Gu Weidong presided over the signing ceremony. The relevant person in charge and staff of the School International Cooperation and Exchange Office participated in the above activities.

Song Xiyun extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced detailedly the history and characteristics of the university, settings of various majors and other events. Song Xiyun pointed out that Qingdao Agricultural University has always carried out the educational goal and training model of talents combined with the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and expressed its desire to establish a long-term friendly and cooperative partnership with the Royal Agricultural University. It is believed that the Royal Agricultural University of England is a world-renowned agricultural university with a long history and a good reputation. Both sides have the same foresight in the developmental direction of school-running, and the two schools can conduct substantive international exchanges and cooperation in scientific research, school-running and other aspects 

Lucy thanked the school for its welcome and agreed with Song Xiyun's speech. He also pointed out that the main purpose of this visit is to establish pragmatic cooperation with our university. The two sides will carry out higher-level and multi-faceted exchanges on this basis. .

In the afternoon, the two sides held detailed talks on matters related to the cooperation between the two universities. The meeting was presided over by vice president Gu Weidong, and heads of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the College of Food Science and Engineering, and the School of Economics (Cooperative College) participated in the talks above. 


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