QAU Holds Qingdao Forum of Modern Agriculture and Rural Revitalization.

2018-08-03 11:04            

On June 23, Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) held the Qingdao Forum on Modern Agriculture and Rural Revitalization. Song Xiyun,President of QAU, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Zhao Zhendong and Chen Wenfu, academicians of the CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), were invited to the meeting and were hired as double academicians of QAU. Yang Bingping, former deputy director of Shandong Agricultural Committee; Li Huaxian, deputy director of Jinan Municipal People's Congress; researcher Wan Shubo, dean of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences; researcher Wang Shumin, director general of the Institute of Achievement Transformation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Ding Zhiwei, executive vice president of Weifang Party School; Professor Shi Yuezhong, Dean of Weihai Technical Normal College, and more than 130 alumni and agricultural experts attended the forum. The forum was hosted by the Agricultural College of QAU. Zhang Yumei,  Party Secretary of the college, Liu Qingchang, dean of the college, and all the teachers of the Agricultural College participated in the forum.

On behalf of the school, Song expressed warm welcome to all the alumni and experts, and expressed sincere congratulations on the opening of the Qingdao Forum of Modern Agriculture and Rural Revitalization. Song gave a brief introduction to the achievements of school development in the past 60 years. He pointed out that the achievements made in the construction and development of the school cannot be separated from the help of alumni and experts. On behalf of the school, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the experts and alumni who care about and support the development of the alma mater. He hoped that the alumni and experts will continue to care for and support the development of the alma mater, and work together with the teachers and students to create new glories of QAU.

At the meeting, Song issued appointment letters to Academicians Chen Wenfu and Zhao Zhendong, and hired them to be double-educated academicians of QAU. With the support and help of the two academicians, Song hoped the school can achieve greater achievements in the fields of teaching, scientific research and social services.

The forum lasted for one day. The participating experts and alumni made a full exchange discussion and academic reports on the implementation of modern agricultural development and rural revitalization strategy. Among them, Deputy Director Yang Bingping of Shandong Agricultural Committee gave a special report on the title of “Interpretation of Rural Revitalization Strategy” and Chen Wenfu, "Modern Agriculture and Rural Revitalization", Academician Zhao Zhendong, "Thinking and Practice of Wheat Breeding". In addition, Professor Yang Xiangjia and other young and middle-aged scholars from Youngstown State University in the United States have reported on the conference from different levels.

During the forum, Liu Qingchang and Dr. Liu Tiebin, Chairman of Beijing Lvheng Company and Mr. Liu Zhe from Beijing Baiborui Technology Co., Ltd. respectively signed in the signing ceremony of the Qingdao Agricultural University Lvheng and Association Scholarship and the Agricultural College Academic Exchange Donation Agreement of QAU. After the donation signing ceremony, they took pictures.


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