Shandong Sheep Industry Innovation Team Work Conference Held in Qingdao Agricultural University

2018-10-13 11:00            

From May 26th to 27th, the Shandong Sheep Industry Innovation Team Work Conference was held at Qingdao Agricultural University. Zhu Lianqin, vice president of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by the Shandong Sheep Industry Innovation Team, organized by the College of Animal Science and Technology in Qingdao Agricultural University, and held jointly by the Qingdao Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute. Professor Pan Qingjie, secretary of Party branch of the School of Animal Science and Technology in Qingdao Agricultural University, Liu Yiguo, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department, and the experts in the sheep industry technical system innovation team, and the heads of local experimental stations and senior researchers, in general, about 40 people attended the meeting. 

Zhu Lianqin gave a welcome speech on behalf of the school and expressed warm welcome and sincere greetings to the experts of the Shandong sheep industry innovation team. He also introduced the basic situation of the school and wished the meeting a complete success.

   In order to further promote the implementation of the task of building the sheep industry innovation team in Shandong Province, the experts of each position and the persons in charge of the comprehensive test station summarized the use of funds, project progress, and science and technology poverty alleviation in 2017-2018, and studied the issues in sheep industry, like new and old kinetic energy conversion, precision poverty alleviation. The event invited the invited units and relevant department heads to put forward opinions and suggestions on team building work. The meeting also deployed the 2017-2018 annual assessment and the formulation of the 2018-2019 mission agreement. During the meeting, the participants also visited Qingdao Olympic Special Sheep Farm.

According to experts, Shandong Province is a national sheep-raising province, and the stock of sheep and the output of major sheep products are among the highest in the country. In recent years, with the increase of the mutton goat milk consumption market, the transformation of organizational production methods, and the improvement of science and technology support services, the province has played an important role in optimizing the animal husbandry industry structure, increasing farmers' income, improving the dietary structure of urban and rural residents, and promoting Social harmony and stability. Under the guidance and assistance of the provincial modern agricultural industrial technology system management office, industry authorities and business departments, the sheep industry innovation team of Shandong Province, through the concerted efforts of all the team members, the sheep innovation team published more than 10 science books, officially promulgated places more than 5 standards, officially published more than 20 SCI papers, applied for more than 50 patents or copyrights, won the first prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, developed more than 40 practical new technologies, and solved 15 categories of six major categories for production. In terms of practical problems, more than 100 technical training courses were held, and more than 12,000 technicians were trained, which provided strong technical support for the development of the sheep industry in our province and promoted the healthy and sustainable development of the sheep industry in Shandong province. The meeting proposed that the sheep innovation team will closely integrate the implementation of the new and old kinetic energy conversion project in Shandong Province, further increase the amount and efficiency of work, and continuously improve the quality and level of the development of the sheep industry system in Shandong Province.


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