Professor Wang Wenqi attends Shandong TV to expound construction of “Marine Granary”

2018-11-21 10:08            

On the morning of June 12, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an inspection to Qingdao and pointed out that the marine economy, marine science and technology will become important main attack directions in the future. From land to sea, we have many unknown areas and they have great potential. Xi Jinping said: " I have always had such a belief that we should build a strong maritime power. The development of marine economy and marine scientific research is an important aspect in promoting the strategy of strengthening the country, and we must do a good job on it. The key technologies are researched and developed by ourselves, and the future of the marine economy is boundless. Everyone should continue to work hard to create brilliance and make new achievements for our motherland and nation. ”

On the evening of June 12th, Wang Wenqi, member of the Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference and professor of College of Marine Science and Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University, was interviewed by Shandong TV Station “Consultation Face to Face” and interviewed by reporters on the topics of Marine Granary” and “Ocean Ranch”.

In the interview, Professor Wang Wenqi explained the definition of “Marine Granary” and “Ocean Ranch”, the status and effects of  “Marine Granary” and “Ocean Ranch” in the process of “Shandong Ocean Strong Province Construction Action Plan” , and the new and old kinetic energy conversion project in Shandong Province. Besides, he explained and analyzed the advantages and progress that Shandong Province took the lead in building the “Maritime Granary” and “Ocean Ranch” in the country, and put forward corresponding suggestions on how to better carry out the construction of “Ocean Ranch” in Shandong.

Over the years, Professor Wang Wenqi has insisted on combining the concept of “Blue Granary” formed in practice with the scientific research projects hosted by the first line of aquatic products. Since being elected as a member of the Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference in 2013, many proposals have been submitted by professor Wang Wenqi, such as “Suggestions on Paying Great Importance to 'Blue Granary' ”,"Proposal for Further Strengthening the Construction of A Strong Marine Province","Recommendations on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of the 'Ocean Ranch' Construction in Our Province". These proposals have been highly valued by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and the Provincial Department of Oceans and Fisheries, and have got written reply letters. In December 2014, the Provincial Government Office officially issued “the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of ' Marine Granary' ”. Since then, the construction of “Marine Granary” has been officially put into the national economic and social development plan of the province.

Over the years, the College of Marine Science and Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University has been committed to the cultivation of talents for the “Blue Granary and Ocean Ranch Construction”. It has provided talent support for the grassroots first-line industry and served for the local economy of “Blue Granary and Marine Ranch Construction” actively. In order to provide intellectual support for the “Marine Granary” construction, the school has held many national "Blue Granary" construction academic forums, marine ecological environmental protection and biological resources development advanced training classes,which was on the strategic background of “Marine Granary” and so on.

The video of Professor Wang Wenqi interviewed on the program of “Face to Face Negotiation”  , Shandong TV:

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