QAU and China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute reach Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreem

2018-03-04 09:40            

On January 3, Cai Xuepeng, director of the China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute and Song Xiyun, president of Qingdao Agricultural University, signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on behalf of the two sides. Based on the principle of complementary advantages, coordinated development, and win-win cooperation, the two sides intend to establish long-term friendly all-round strategic cooperation in terms of talent training, scientific and technological innovation, demonstration and popularization of scientific and technological achievements, and the co-construction of party branches.

The main contents of this strategic cooperation between Qingdao Agricultural University and China Veterinary Drugs Supervision Institute include: strengthening science and technology and talent exchange and cooperation, joint training of talents; joint declaration for key projects; strengthening cooperation between industry, academia and research to promote the transformation of scientific research results; Mutual opening of the base and the analysis platform to achieve complementary advantages and sharing; co-construction of party branches, etc. The two sides establish a regular exchange mechanism for cooperation between the school and the Institute. The School of Veterinary Medicine is responsible for Qingdao Agriculture University, and the Science and Technology Department is responsible for the China Veterinary Drugs Supervision Institute.

The cooperation of  the two sides is conducive to giving full play to their respective characteristics and advantages in scientific and technological innovation and personnel training, building a collaborative innovation work model, exploring actively the radiation of national research institutions, promoting innovative mechanisms for the development of science and technology and talent cultivation in local universities, promoting jointly veterinary drugs in China, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improving the quality of high-level personnel training, and promoting the sharing of scientific research platform resources and the cooperation and exchanges of science and technology.

The relevant leaders of the school party and government office, science and technology department and animal medical school attended the signing ceremony of the agreement.   

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