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College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, whose predecessor first established in 1977, was officially founded in 2008 by combining the chemistry and pharmacy divisions. There are altogether six four-year undergraduate programs (Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Biochemical Functional Materials), two two-year undergraduate programs (Biochemical Pharmacy and Industrial Analysis), one first-level Master’s program (Chemical Engineering and Technology), seven second-level Master’s programs (Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Applied Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Pesticides Science). Currently, there are total 1763 students, including 67 graduate students. Pesticides Science is the key discipline of 10thand 11thFive-Year Plan of Shandong Province. Covering four science and engineering disciplines including chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy and material science, College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences has become a college focusing on both teaching and research.

The College has outstanding faculty members with reasonable compositions, and a teaching-research team with rigorous scholarship and high scientific research ability has been formed. There are total 108 employees, including 83 full-time teachers and 19 technical staffs. Among them, there are 13 professors, 42 associate professors and 3 senior technicians. 63 of them have Ph.D. degrees, accounting for 76% of the full-time teachers. Two persons are awarded the Distinguished Teacher of Shandong Province, one person is awarded the Expert Receiving Special Allowance from the State Council, one person is awarded the Innovation Leading Talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology, two persons are awarded the Yong and Middle-Aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions of Shandong Province, two persons are awarded the Expert Receiving Special Allowance from Qingdao Municipal Government, one person is awarded the Young Expert of Science and Technology of Qingdao, one person is awarded the Distinguished Teacher of Qingdao Agricultural University, and four persons are awarded Teaching Expert of Qingdao Agricultural University.

College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences has eight teaching and research sections (inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, material chemistry, drug synthesis, drug analysis, process and formulation) and one chemistry and pharmacy experimental teaching center. It also has four research institutes (Shandong Agricultural Engineering Research Center for Biomimetic Applications, QingdaoBiopharmaceuticalEngineering Center,Applied Chemistry Research Institute of Qingdao Agricultural University, New Pesticide Research Institute of Qingdao Agricultural University) and Qingdao International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Agricultural Biopharmacy.

The Experimental Teaching Center consists of Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory, Professional Chemistry Laboratory (including Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Lab, Organic Chemistry Lab, Physical Chemistry Lab, Modern Instrumental Analysis Lab, Integrated Chemistry Lab and Material Chemistry Lab), Pharmacy Laboratory (including Drug Synthesis Lab, Drug Analysis Lab, Formulation Lab and Pharmacology Lab), and Chemical Engineering and Technology Laboratory (including Chemical Engineering Principle Lab, Engineering Technology Lab, and Multi-functional Pilot Lab), with an area of over 6000 square meters and the equipments worth of over 20 million Yuan. The center is equipped with over 40 teaching and research equipments, such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, infrared spectrometer, thermo gravimetric analyzer, supercritical fluid extractor and so on. The Chemistry Laboratory is an A-level teaching laboratory and the demonstration center for basic course teaching of Shandong Province.

Since the implementation of the 12thFive-Year Plan, the faculty in College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences have conducted or participated in over 50 national or provincial research projects, and in 2014 the total research funds reached 7.5 million Yuan. In the past five years, over 500 research papers have been published, over 200 of which have been cited by SCI or EI. 15 projects have been granted the national or provincial scientific research awards, including one first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, two first prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shandong Province, one second prize of Technological Invention Award of Shandong Province, and one second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shandong Province. 24 national invention patents have been granted. Two scientific research achievements have been commercialized, namely the antiseptics “Yin Guo” and “Fang Sheng An” at the value of 5 million Yuan and 6 million Yuan, respectively.

College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences focuses on the programs on teaching improvement, having conducted over 20 Shandong Province-sponsored projects on teacher’s development and curriculum development, and over 70 university-sponsored projects. 12 courses (namely Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry for Chemistry Majors, General Chemistry for Biology Majors, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Fundamental Chemistry Lab, Instrumental Analysis, Spectroscopic Analysis, Separation Techniques, and Application of Computers in Chemistry) are awarded the Distinguished Courses of Shandong Province. 5 online video courses are offered, and 40 courses are awarded the Distinguished Courses of Qingdao Agricultural University. 27 awards for Excellent in Teaching and Experimental Technique Achievements are granted by Shandong Province and Qingdao Agricultural University, including 3 third prizes of Awards for Excellent in Teaching of Shandong Province, 2 Experimental Technique Achievement Awards of Shandong Province, 22 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Experimental Technique Achievements of Qingdao Agricultural University. 28 textbooks have been published, including 7 textbooks certified by the Ministry of Education and 6 textbooks by the Ministry of Agriculture for the period of the 11thFive-Year Plan. The chemistry series courses teaching team and the applied chemistry teaching team have been awarded the Distinguished Teaching Team of Shandong Province.

College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences focuses on the undergraduate education and expands the graduate programs, having formed a three-level education system consisting of two-year undergraduate, four-year undergraduate and graduate programs. In order to train the students to meet the modern society’s demands, to fulfill the comprehensive development, to acquire solid foundation, wide knowledge and flexibility, and to become professionals with innovative spirit and practical ability, the College has improved the teaching and training quality. A complete lab teaching and in-university training system based on three-level courses (basic courses, specialized basic courses and specialized courses) has been developed, and over 20 out-of-university teaching and research training sites have been established through the combination of manufacture, teaching and research.

In terms of student development, College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences adheres to the ideas of aiming at success, focusing on learning, ensuring discipline and fulfilling comprehensive development, motivates the students, establishes the positive organization culture, and organizes the activities of campus culture, scientific and technological innovation and social practices, creating a good atmosphere for education. Two classes are awarded the Outstanding Class of Shandong Province, two students are awarded the Outstanding Student Leader of Shandong Province, five students are awarded the Outstanding Student of Shandong Province. Six students have received the national scholarship, three students have received the scholarship from Shandong Government, and one student have been given the title of Top Ten Student of Qingdao Agricultural University. In the National Challenge Cup Contests, one national bronze prize, one grand prize, three first prizes and four third prizes of Shandong Province have been won. In the social practical activities, one National Excellent Team and three Excellent Team of Shandong Province have been won. In volunteerservice activities, one project has won the award of Excellence in VolunteerService of Qingdao. Three national university students venture projects have been granted. The graduateenrollmentrate remainsabove 30%. The graduate employmentratehas maintained above 90%, tanking top within the university. For many years, College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences has been awarded the honors of the Excellent Groupin Graduate Employment, the Excellent Unit for Dormitory Management, the Excellent College for Freshman Military Training, the Excellent Unit of Communist Youth League and so on.

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