Another Pioneering Case in China! QAU’s Breeding Management Right of Apple Rootstock Transferred

2018-05-15 09:37            

On May 3, Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) signed an agreement with Zhucheng Wanjingyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng National Agricultural Science and Technology Incubator) to transfer the seedling breeding and management rights of three varieties of cold-resistant dwarf rootstock apple to Zhucheng  Wanjingyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. for value.

It was another pioneering transfer case of apple stock breeding and management rights to an enterprise in China after the QAU Apple Breeding Team transferred the "Fu Li" apple variety right to an enterprise for 1.56 million yuan, which is an innovative achievement again in the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements of QAU. 

Relevant principals, experts and professors from Technology Department of QAU and College of Horticulture participated in the signing ceremony and discussion activities. At the meeting, professor Zhu Jun, head of the apple breeding team's rootstock research project from School of Horticulture of QAU, and Hou Zhigang, the general manager of Zhucheng Wanjingyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., signed an agreement on behalf of both parties. The two parties went deeply into the breeding and promotion of apple cold-resistant dwarf rootstocks. Three varieties of Apple Rootstock B396, B118 and B150 are apple cold-resistant Dwarf Rootstocks having introduced from the Michurinsk State Agricultural University upon agreement from Russia in 2008. 

After that, the Apple Rootstock Research Group successfully declared and implemented the Qingdao International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Program "Russian Apple cold-resistant dwarf rootstock introduction experiment". The ideal substitute rootstock has great application value in the optimal cultivation area of ​​apple cultivation in China and the cold apple production area in the north and northwest.After nearly ten years of research and regional experiments, the above-mentioned introduced rootstocks have outstanding cold resistance, strong disease resistance, good dwarfing effect on grafted varieties, high yield and excellent quality. They are ideal substitutes for rootstocks in areas where winter frost damage happens to M9T337 and other dwarf rootstocks, which are of great application value in the most suitable areas for apple cultivation in our country and the cold apple-producing areas in northern and northwestern China in winter.

Hou Zhigang, the general manager of Wanjingyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company would give full play to its technical advantages and production potential of virus-free tissue culture and propagation of plants, accelerate the introduction of apple cold-resistant dwarf rootstocks to the market and promote the sustainable development of apple production in China. 

Experts from Qingdao Agricultural University Apple Rootstock Research Group will also provide service after selling to provide information and technical support to the company.


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