The 5th China-UK International Forum on Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics held in QAU

2018-09-28 08:53            

How to assess and mitigate the pain and cumulative damage of laboratory animals? What is the new progress in experimental animal euthanasia? Jointly organized by the Experimental Animal Ethics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Laboratory Animals and the British Ministry of the Interior and hosted by Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), the 5th China-UK Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics International Forum around the related research on experimental animal ethics welfare, was opened Qingdao on March 14th in Qingdao. Nearly 1,000 experts, managers and researchers from China, UK and major international organizations of experimental animals participated in the forum. Yang Tongyi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of QAU, gave a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer.

China is a large country in the production and use of experimental animals. In recent years, it has made remarkable progress in international peers in the research and development of experimental animal welfare ethics national standards and related technologies. Experimental animals are important supporting conditions for scientific and technological innovation, and are widely involved in many fields such as biomedicine, environmental protection and chemical industry, import and export inspection and quarantine. The China-UK Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics International Forum has been held in China for five consecutive times and is a model project recognized by experts at home and abroad for cooperation between China and the UK in the field of biotechnology. On the basis of summarizing and inheriting the results of the previous four sessions, the forum continues to focus on the principle of “improving the level of experimental animal science and welfare ethics management in China” and explore the theme of “Science and Progress and Good Welfare-Good Science”. Through the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of policies, we will accelerate the scientific approach to the rapid improvement of the level of experimental animal science and welfare ethics management in China.

The forum focuses on topics such as rodent welfare, how to obtain knowledge from animal experimental research, ethical challenges in animal experiments, and new standards for Chinese experimental animal welfare ethics. It also used round table and role-playing forms as the ethical review committee to deal with the tricky experimental program.

The forum includes 1 main meeting, 3 satellite chapters, and 1 visit to standardized laboratory animal facilities. The event was co-organized by Qingdao Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., and many famous animal enterprises and institutions at home and abroad also participated in the forum.

The opening ceremony of the forum was co-chaired by Chairman of the National Laboratory Animal Welfare Ethics Expert Sun Deming and Dr. Judy MacArthur Clark, Head of the Laboratory Animal Control Department of the UK Ministry of the Interior. Leader of the “Protection Veterinary Medicine” of Shandong Province, Professor Shan Hu of Qingdao Agricultural University, Dr. Kathryn Bayne, Global Director of the International Laboratory Animal Evaluation and Recognition Management Committee, and the host of the forum, James Bussell, a well-known expert in international animal science and welfare ethics. Patricia Turner and Elliot Lilley attended the conference and gave lectures on relevant topics. Many domestic first-line researchers including experimental animal welfare ethics experts Zhu Desheng and Gao Xiang researchers made special reports.

Through the above special seminars and reports, the forum will analyze the national technical standards of experimental animal welfare ethics, how to treat experimental animals and 3R concepts, pain management of experimental animals, anesthesia and analgesia, analysis of advantages and disadvantages in welfare ethics review, and benevolent end points. Extensive and in-depth discussion on international cooperation topics such as new technologies, environmental enrichment, and welfare ethics international certification at home and abroad will also be discussed. With drawing on internationally recognized management experience and advanced scientific and technological achievements, the forum aims to accelerate the promotion of Chinese experimental animal welfare ethics management and the rapid improvement of the technology.

In December 2014, with the approval of the National Standardization Committee, the China Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics Committee initiated by the Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics Committee of China Experimental Animal Society was officially established. After unremitting efforts, China's national standardization research and development progress in experimental animal welfare ethics. Obviously, the results are remarkable. The United Kingdom is an important advocacy country for the management of animal welfare ethics and related scientific and technological progress in the world, and its achievements in this field are outstanding. In recent years, the active cooperation between China and the UK has promoted the development of both sides in their respective fields.

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