QAU Regains Grand Prize in “Dongfanghong” Cup National College Students' Intelligent Agricultural Eq

2017-11-30 09:04            

During November 25-26, the 3rd “Dongfanghong” Cup National College Students’ Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition was held in Southwest University in Chongqing. Four academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering including Luo Xiwen, Chen Xuegeng etc. attended the competition.  All finalists of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU)  won awards, among which there were two items of Grand Prize, one item of First Prize and one item of Second Prize. This is another breakthrough in both the level and quantity since QAU obtained the Grand Prize in 2016. Professors Zhao Liqing, Guan Hongmin and Wang Dongwei from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering were awarded the honor of Excellent Supervisor.

The project titled Plot Breeding Harvest Measuring System supervised by Professors Zhao Liqing and Wang Dongwei and the project of Intelligent Potato Sowing Technology and Equipment Based on Information Network System supervised by professors Guan Hongmin and Wang Dongwei won National Grand Prize. The Project of Intelligent Voice Control Route 5-kilo Level Plant Protection Drone with Eight Axes supervised by Professor Hu Caiqi was awarded the First Prize. The Project of Crop Stalks Lodging-resistant Force-measuring Device supervised by Professors Zhang Huan and Yang Ranbing won the Second Prize.

The Plot Breeding Harvest Measuring System is intelligent airborne equipment used to calculate harvest. The team fully makes use of the existing technology, create an intelligent work approach that can fleetly measure the harvest based on different breed features and also create equipment by rapid test analysis of satellite-positioned different moisture content seeds based on anti-vibration interference and automatic weight recognition. The team successfully developed an independent measuring system that can rapidly yield integrated parameters including moisture content, mass, unit weight etc.,  and a plot breeding harvest measuring equipment, a supplementary device for the plot joint harvest machinery.

Focusing on innovation of mechanical operation method, key technology breakthrough and equipment development and application, the project team of Intelligent Potato Sowing Technology and Equipment Based on Information Network System successfully developed an intelligent potato-planting planter with the functions of collection and processing as well as seeding leakage testing and control. The team makes full use of a photo-electricity compensation method to plant at variable speeds. Based on position detection by several sensors, row space controlling technology without wheel, fast reaction drive and some other key technologies; they replace the artificial auxiliary planting method to make the rate of seed missing within 2%. They created two ridges - four row potato synergic seeder integrated by general control module and digital display, which enhances the efficiency as over twice as before.

Authorized by Department of Higher Education of Ministry of Education Of China, the 3rd “Dongfangehong” Cup National College Students’ Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition was co-held by the Teaching Guiding Committee for Agricultural Engineering Majors, Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, Chinese Society for Agricultural Engineering and Synergistic Innovation Center of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology. Ever since the end of 2016 when this competition was launched, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of QAU have been preparing for it earnestly. All the relevant staff of the college including leaders, teachers,  laboratory personnels, student teams etc. have made multi-lateral cooperation and attended simulated dissertation for many times. Supervisors and students amended and refined their projects repeatedly. Up to one year’s adequate preparation finally paid off.

Translated by Mao Jianchao

Proofread by Ding Shuting

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