QAU Achieves Scientific and Technological Achievements Transfer Goal Ahead of Schedule in 2017

2017-11-18 14:52            

On the morning of November 9th, 2017, the school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony between QAU and Can-lu Biotech Co., Ltd was held at College Students Pioneering Park, Xiapu County. The patent invention of Alkaline Protease Producing Strain of Sea Cucumber Intestines and its Application accomplished by Professor Piao Meizi and her team who works with School of Food Science and Engineering of QAU(Qingdao Agricultural University) was successfully transferred at the price of 700,000RMB, which created QUA’s record-high in a single patent transfer. Piao along with her fellows, who work with School of Food Science and Engineering of QAU, are proposed to build a demonstration line of sea cucumber viscera biological sanitization and sea cucumber polypeptide production, which will hopefully solve the environmental problems incurred by sea cucumber viscera deep burial method, fulfill the economic and environmental win-win goal and provide support for the innocuous disposal of sea cucumber viscera and its high-valued comprehensive utilization for all sea cucumber processing plants in Fujian Province, which will enhance the ecological conservation of the sea and be of important and far-reaching effects to the regional economy and social development.


Prof. Wang Bowei, dean of School of Food Science and Engineering, Zhao Longgang, deputy director of Science and Technology Department and Prof. Piao Meizi, the patent owner, attended the ceremony. Chen Xianghan, member of Standing Committee of CPC Xiapu County Committee and Minister of Organization Department, Dong Lin, Deputy County Chief and principals of relevant departments such as f Organization Department, Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Bureau of Marine and Fishery, Environmental Protection Bureau as well as Lei Qiang, legal person of Can Lu Biotech Co., Ltd, were also present at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, QAU and Xia Pu County achieved initial intent of cooperation for jointly building Institute of Marine Economy and Sustainable Development, QAU based on the county’s rich resources such as kelp, laver, pseudosciaena etc..

2017 is a productive year for QAU’s transfer of science and technology achievements. In March, Fuli, a new breed of apple, was transferred at the price of 1,560,000RMB, which witnessed the very first apple breed transfer case domestically. After that, the price for a single patent kept soaring. In June, Prof. Wang Baowei of School of Food Science & Engineering transferred his two patents with each at 50,000 RMB; in October, the manufacturing technique of florfenicol powder and the applicant right of new veterinary drugs was transferred at 500,000RMB;in November, Piao Meizi’ s patent saw a transfer price of 700,000RMB.

Until now, QAU has promoted 6 items of science and technology achievement transfer with the trading volume up to 3,860,000RMB, fulfilling the goal of science and technology achievement in 2017 ahead of time.



Translated by Gao Lewen

Proofread by Ding Shuting


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