Hao Zhihui Elected to National “Ten Thousand Talent Program” Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innov

2016-10-18 12:50     人事处     By 张乐宏,张雪    

Recently, the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CCCPC) issued Notice Regarding the List of the Second Batch of National “Ten Thousand Talent Projram” Leading Talent. Hao Zhihui, professor who works with Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) was elected as a member of the list of “Ten Thousand Talent Program” Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators, indicating the new breakthrough in human resource work of QAU.

Hao Zhihui, a female who was born in 1980, is currently a professor of School of Chemistry and Pharmacy of QAU. Being an expert enjoying special allowance granted by Qingdao Municipal Governent, she also has a lot of honory titiles such as Young And Middle-aged Leading Scientists, Engineers And Innovators by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Shandong Women Inventors, Qingdao Leading Scientists, Engineers And Innovators, Qingdao Top-notch Personnels, Qingdao’s Ten Women Talents etc. She mainly engages in developing new veterinary drugs, feed additives and diagnostic reagent as well as researching on animal pharmacy including drug toxicology, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics etc. In recent years, Prof. Hao has presided over more than 10 projects involving National 863 Plan Projects, National Science and Technology Support Plan, Special Projects for International Cooperation and Communication, Special Projects for National Science and Technology Personnel Serving Enterprises and Special Projects for Public Service Industry of Ministry of Agriculture. She has obtained 3 first-class new veterinary drugs, 2 second-class ones, and 14 ones of third-class, fourth-class and fifth-class veterinary drugs. She has published over 45 papers, including 26 SCI-indexed papers and 13 EI-indexed papers. Furthermore, she has acquired 29 authorized invention patents and 6 awards for scientific and technological progress at all levels.

“Ten Thousand Talent Program”, with “National High Level Talents Special Support Plan” as its full name, is a personnel project for cultivating and supporting domestic high-level talents. It aims at selecting a batch of leading talents in the field of natural science, engineering technology and philosophy and social science in a planned and focused way.

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