Qiu Huanguang Appointed as Guest Professor of QAU

2016-09-13 11:10            

On June 22, 2016, Qiu Huanguang, a Youth Yangtze River Scholar professor and schoolfellow of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), was appointed as guest professor of the university. At the school’s Academic Hall where the emplyment ceremony was held, prof. Song Xiyun, president of QAU awarded him the letter of appointment.

Prof. Song Xiyun introduced the development situation of the university in recent years to prof. Qiu. Song said, “ in recent years, QAU has paid much attention to recruiting scientific manpower, who has made outstanding contributions to the scientific research of the university. I hope, as an alumnus of QAU, Prof. Qiu could provide much guidance and recommendations to the students”.

After the appointment ceremony, Prof.Qiu made a special report titled The Challenges of China’s Agricultural Development and the and Policy Selection to the teachers and students of School of Economics and Management. In the report, he carried out a discussion centered around the chanlleges faced by China’s agriculture and the relevant policies, introduced the national agricultural development situation based on examples, data and models, discussed several China’s current major agricultural polocies, and interpreted the cutting-edge issues of agricultural economics.

• Qiu Huanguang, a Qingdaonese born in May, 1976, studied in Laiyang Agricultural College(renamed as Qingdao Agricultural University in 2007) in 1994 majoring in Economics and Management in Agriculture and Forestry. Prof. Qiu, a doctoral supervisor and Youth Yangtze River Scholar, currently works with School of Agricultural and Rural Developmentin, Renmin University of China.He is also an economic post scientist of National Corn Industry Technology System, and a part-time research fellow of Holland’s Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam(VU) and University of London(UOL). In 2012, he was subsidized by the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation; in 2013, he was selected as “Young Global Leader” , an important award of Davos World Economic Forum; in 2016, he was also selected as one of the first batch of Youth Yangtze River Scholar of Ministry of Education of China.Prof. Qiu’s main research fields include agricultural development policy, regional agriculture and environment, the market and trade of agricultural products, spatial general equilibrium model etc. He has presided over 5 National Nature Science Fund projects, 1 National Social Science Fund project, and over 20 sub-projects of Project 973, National Sci-Tech Support Plan and Canada's International Development Research Centre(IDRC). He published more than 110 research papers in academic journals at home and abroad, among which over 20 were published in international journals collected by SCI/SSCI such as Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences、Agricultural Economics、Food Policy、Journal of Environmental Quality, and more than 80 papers were released in domestic journals such as Economic Research,Management World, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Chinese Rural Economy, Environmental Science etc. He has published 9 works including three English books.Nearly 10 policy suggestion reports have been read and approved by national and provincial leaders.

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