Seven Graduates of QAU Volunteer to Serve in Western Region

2016-09-13 09:33            

On June 24, the 2016 session Scholarship Award Ceremony for QAU Graduates Volunteering to Serve in Western Region as well as the Volunteer Service Launching Ceremony was held in the Academic Venue. Prof. Yuan Yongbing, vice-president of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), attended the ceremony and awarded the volunteers with scholarships and honorary certificate. Leaders and teachers from Student Work Department, Youth League Committee of QAU as well as Secretary of Youth League Committee of all the colleges were also present at the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Chu Lei, director of Office of Party and Government Affairs and Secretary of Youth League Committee of QAU.

Prof. Yuan Yongbing made a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that volunteer service activities, an effective carrier and means to cultivate love and social responsibility, plays an indispensable role in morality education. He said, it is an important task implemented and guaranteed by the university all the time to select excellent youth graduate students to go to the west and integrate their individual youth and ideals into the national strategy of west development. Over the years, the university has emphasized on pragmatism and innovation, constantly deepen the concept of volunteer services, expand the approaches of volunteer services, and make great efforts to build the western plan to be a demonstration project, which would guide graduates to render meritorious services and become a useful person in the western grassroots posts, and a brand project of the university with far-reaching influences in terms of volunteer services.

Prof. Yuan deeply enjoined the student volunteers going for Tibet and Xin Jiang Uygur Autonomous Region: first, remembering your original dream. Keeping to the original aspiration leads one to success and becoming a useful person with the grass-roots practice . During the youth time, should you bear more hardships, you would make the achievements unacccomplished by others. Prof. Yuan encouraged all volunteers to give full play to their glamour and intelligence; second, remembering to read and learn diligently, keeping on thinking, winning through innovation, and dedicating the youth and wisdom to the masses. At work, the volunteers should diligently study, like to think, learn from the grassroots and the masses, and pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge and capabilities, all of which will in turn constantly improve personal cultivation and spiritual realm. In practicing services, volunteers should enhance the simple feelings with the local masses , and do more practical work and good things for them in a down-to-earth manner. Third, always remembering the responsibility, being willing to give, and manifesting the life value with no regrets by cultivating moral integrity and making honest people. The volunteers should insist in highlighting the ideals without discarding the ordinaries and tiny things, and realize the sublimation of their life by constant moral practice, serving others and making contributions to society.

Prof. Yuan told the volunteers in an affectionate manner, “please keep in heart the expectations upon you of the almamater and improve yourselves constantly. Should you make some achievements, let your almamater be informed; keep in heart the almamater’s concern upon you and make ceaseless self-improvement. Should you encounter some setbacks, remember that the almamater will always stand up for you. When you are in need, resort to your almamater! As your almamater, QAU will be proud of your firm choice.”

On the ceremony, Prof. Yuan yong-bing awarded the volunteers with a scholarship of RMB2000 yuan and honorary certificate; Xiao Chuan-qiang, director of Student Work Department of QAU, read out The Decision on Awarding Seven Students Including Cong Xiaodan etc. The Scholarship for Graduates’ Volunteer Services in the West; Han Kai, a volunteer representative from School of Chemistry and Pharmacy, made a speech, in which on behalf of the seven volunteers he guarantees to always bear in mind the school motto of having solid virtue, profound learning, persevering practice and persuiting ideality, and they will live up to their promises and never will they let the almamater down. In the meanwhile, he also expressed their determination to throw themselves into the west and dedicate their youth there.

During the past 13 years when the Western Plan was implemented since 2003, a total of 168 students have responded to the call of government to go to the west of the country, and have made significant contributions to the improvement of the western economic and social development at the local level. Among the 7 volunteers, 3 of them will go to Xinjiang, and the rest four will go to Tibet to conduct volunteer services. They will be assigned to the grassroots-level posts to go in for volunteer services in the fields such as elementary education, agricultural extension, eradicating poverty with science and technology, the youth education etc., and interpret the volunteer spirit of “Dedication , Love , Mutual Aid and Progress” with real actions.

Over the years, the school has continued to deepen the volunteer service concept and expand the volunteer service modes, which has made outstanding achievements, and especially in 2014, QAU won the honorary title of National Excellent Project Department for Western Plan. Xu Xiaoyan, who graduated from QAU in 2005 and took root in Xinjiang since then, won the title of the 9th session of China Youth Volunteer Advanced Individual with outstanding achievements, and on May 4th, 2013, she was graciously received by Xi Jinping, general secretary of Communist Party ofyour firm choice.”


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