QAU Joined China Strategic Innovation Alliance of Rose Industrial Technology

2016-05-09 09:40            

Qingdao Agriculture University joined the China Strategic Innovation Alliance of Rose Industrial Technology founded by Pingyin County on the morning of May 5.

Members of this alliance cover the entire process of rose industrial technology developing, planting, processing and marketing. With the interconnection with authorized industrial organization in main rose producing area, they will concentrate on solving the key technological problem in the rose industrial progress in order to standardize the rose planting technology and engineering the rose industry. Aiming at promoting the development of modernization and intelligence production and rose comprehensive matching technique, they are encouraged to exchange developing trends and experiences of rose industry, enhance the development level of rose industry and promote industry upgrading.

It's known that China Strategic Innovation Alliance of Rose Industrial Technology is the first national industry organization in China rose industrial field. Being authorized by CIUR, the subordinate organs of Ministry of Science and Technology, Pingyin County sponsored this alliance. With the help of the alliance, Pingyin Rose Industry will make efforts on integrating upstream and downstream resources, tackling technology, accelerating achievements transformation and enhancing the corporate efficiency. Through the implementation of strategies called ''One Belt and One Road'' and ''Internet+'', Pingyin Rose Industry will also participate in the remodeling of global industrial value chain, enhancing the domestic and overseas markets shares and competitiveness of Chinese rose product and change the position of Chinese rose industry into high-and-mid-end one in global value chain in the end.

Translated by Xu Zhaohui  edited by Gao Xiuxue

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