Liang Wenxing ‘s team made progress in Protein acetylation regulatory mechanism

2016-03-21 09:35            

The innovation team of Liang Wenxing of QAU’s School of Agriculture and Plant Protection,cooperated with Miami University of USA, and reported in the world that protein acetylation modification plays an important part in regulating the activity of nucleic acid enzymes.The research paper “Reversible acetylation on Lys501 regulates the activity of RNase II”( published in the world famous science magazine Nucleic Acids Research,and it is awarded as a Breakthrough Article.The breakthrough article can represent the most significant and creative research of Nucleic Acids Research .This research is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China and “Taishan scholar”construction project,Prof.Liang is the unique correspondent of this research paper.

Acetylation is a method of Protein modification after translation,which is a universal exist,reversible and of high adjustment .This kind of method plays an important part in the regulatory effect of nearly all biological process.Using proteomics approach,the author found that there is acetylation in no.501 nuclease RNaseⅡ, lysine .This research first finds that acetylation can effect the activity of nucleic acid enzymes,and then to control the level of the substrate of RNA and stress tolerance reaction of cells.In other words,creatures can realize cellular homeostasis by using nuclease.This research offers an idea for studying the regulation of other enzymes and it is also helpful for digging out the new functions of acetylation.The chief editor of Nucleic Acids Research,Prof.Barry Stoddard thinksit represents an important conceptual advance in our understanding of RNase regulation.

Translated by Song Chanyuan  edited by Gao Xiuxue

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