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2016-03-25 08:38            

A book named Drawings Geisha hit the market in March of 2016. The book, created by Zhou Lu, a student from grade 2012 in the direction of Illustration, Painting major of Academy of Arts in Qingdao Agricultural University, was jointly published by Ziyun Wenxin Books and Haerbin Press. It took Zhou more than 4 months to create these 50 color illustrations in this book.

“ I think all of my efforts are worthwhile when I take that heavy book with my name. Most importantly, I have learned much by and only by practicing, which will contribute a great deal to my employment after graduation.” These are Zhou’s gains by this creation.

Now, Drawings Geisha is critically acclaimed on websites. The publishing of this book is a great achievement of the teaching in Illustration direction, Painting major. In addition, the book Getting to Know Seashells was also published in May of 2015 by a cooperation of China Ocean Press, in which part of illustrations were drawn by Zhang Yanshuang, a student in class1, the same major and grade with Zhou. In this major, Ji Yueqi has also painted two children’s books, respectively named Mi Duoduo-- First-grade Girls Are Elvish and Mi Duoduo-- First-grade Boys Are Embarrassed. These two books, including 42 illustrations, took Ji nearly 3 months, and are expected to be officially published next month.

Since 2013, a bunch of student works of this major have won prizes in various high-level illustration shows at home. These brilliant achievements benefit from the great adjustment of training program of Illustration direction, Painting major of this Academy, and thus their proper curriculum system meets social needs perfectly, and has a strong practicability.

Translated by Xu Zhengmei    edited by Gao Xiuxue


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