Qingmai VI: Three Consecutive Championships with a Yield of 547.82 kg per Mu in Saline-alkali Soil
Good news again came from Dongying modern animal husbandry demonstration area, i.e. the Yellow River farm, which is located in Huanghekou town of Kenli county, that the wheat demonstration field of Qingmai VI, an excellent wheat breed suitable for dry land, witnessed an average yield of 547.82 kg per mu. 
06-18 15:17
Delegation of Korean Gangwon-do Federation of Agricultural Operators Visits QAU
A delegation of over thirty led by Zheng Deqiao, president of Korean Gangwon-do Federation of Agricultural Operators visited QAU and held discussions with teachers from the School of Cooperatives on June 9th, 2015. 
06-12 17:03
Cannes: The Movie “Back Home of C9”
School of Animation and Media of Qingdao Agricultural University was invited to join the Chinese Animated Film Delegation to participate  the  Cannes International Film Festival 2014.
06-09 16:38
The Engagement of Zhao Zhendong to be the Distinguished Professor
Zhao Zhendong, an expert of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was employed to be the distinguished professor of Qingdao Agricultural University on March 28th. Song Xiyun, President of QAU, awarded the appointment letters to him.
03-30 16:07
Chairman of Royal Dutch KFPS Paid a Visit to QAU
On the morning of March 30th, the Dutch KFPS delegation formed by the chairman of Koning Friesch Paarden-Stamboek and World Friesian Horse Organization, Mr. Ids Hellina, former President of PJ University of the Netherlands, Mr. Wiebe Wieling, paid a visit to equestrianism association in Shandong Province and Qingdao Agricultural University.
03-30 15:33
The Preliminary Meeting of Cartoon and Comics Show of East Asian Cultures Opened in QAU
The preliminary meeting of Cartoon and Comics show of East Asian Cultures (2015·Qingdao) opened on the morning of March 27th, and the meeting held discussion about the first draft of event planning.
03-28 16:39
QAU Becomes a National Innovation Strategy Alliance Governing units of Chili Industry
On March 22, the National Innovation Strategic Alliance of Chili Industry established in Beijing, Qingdao Agricultural University, became a National Innovation Strategic Alliance of Chili Industry governing units.
03-25 16:43
The Acceptance of two National Science and Technology Support Plan Sub-Projects of QAU
On March 22, the “the 12th five-year-plan” National Science and Technology Support Plan Sub-projects named “The Demonstration of Integrated Control Technology for Producing, Processing and Circulating Vegetables and Fowl” and “The Demonstration of Radioactive Contamination Warning Technology and Control Technology for Food Biotoxins” had passed the acceptance.
03-25 16:40
The Opening of 7th China and Korea CEO Class Held by QAU and Changwon National University
On March 20, the opening ceremony of 7th China and Korea CEO Class was held jointly by Qingdao Agricultural University and Changwon National University. Song Xiyun, President of Qingdao Agricultural University, and Jin Xingqi, Academic Dean of Changwon National University, and Li Xizai, the Qingdao committee President of Korea’s Association of Democarcy, Peace and Unity, attend the ceremony.
03-21 16:44
QAU Won First-Class Shandong Provincial Scientific Advancement Awards
Shandong Provincial Scientific Award conference was held in Jinan on January 22nd, aiming at honoring the scientific researchers who contributed to science and technology innovation and modernization in Shandong province. Three projects taken charge by Qingdao Agricultural University have been awarded the first-class and second-class Shandong Provincial Scientific Advancement Award and the third-class Provincial Award for Natural Science.
01-25 19:57
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