The Movie “Back Home of C9” at Cannes
QAU, Chonbuk National University Signs Memorandum of Understanding
On the afternoon of Oct. 28th, Prof. Song Xiyun, president of QAU, and Li Nanhao, president of Chonbuk National University of South Korea, signed Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation between the two universities. The two universities will further enhance cooperation and promote the mutual development of both sides.
10-28 16:29
Prof. Sun Duxin Appointed as Visiting Professor of QAU
On Oct. 12th, Sun Duxin, a tenured professor who works with the School of Pharmacy of University of Michigan was appointed as visiting professor of QAU. Prof. Song Xiyun, president of QAU, issued the lettler of appointment for Prof. Sun.
10-17 22:23
QAU Ranks 134 Among National Universities in Annual Scientific Research Funds
Based on the “Comprehensive Statistics on College Science & Technology Resource(2014) ” issued by the Science and Technology Division of Ministry of Education of China, Cingta, a college new media website, released the “Ranking of Chinese Universities in Annual Scientific Research Funds”. A total of 227 universities or colleges whose Scientific Research Funds exceeds RMB100,milion yuan.
10-14 18:31
Two Australian Professors Appointed as Visiting Professors of QAU
On the morning of Oct. 12th, James Mitchell, dean of the School of Life Sciences , Flinders University of Australia visited QAU. Prof. president of QAU, met with the visiting guests at the 1st reception room of Academic Hall, and issued the letter of appointment to Prof. James Mitchell and Prof. Graham Charles Mair, a professor of the Institute of Fisheries Cooperation of the same university , both of whom will join the family of visiting professor of QAU.
10-12 15:14
Sino-America Veterinary Drug R&D Academic Meeting Held at QAU
On the morning of Sep. 20th, the Sino-America Veterinary Drug Research and Development Academic Meeting was held at QAU.
09-21 09:37
QAU’s Three Achievements Win China Agriculture Science and Technology Award
In recent days, China Agricultural Science and Technology Award issued the results of the award. QAU made a breakthrough in this award, with Prof. Lin Qi from the School of Agriculture and Plant Protection and Prof. Shan Hu from the School of Animal Science and Technology obtaining the 1st Prize and 2nd Prize of scientific achievement respectively, and the scientific research team led by Prof. Shang Shuqi form the School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering acquiring Outstanding Innovation Team Achievement.
09-21 08:58
QAU Sets up KLEC with Korean Universities
On Sep. 11th, QAU set up the Korean Language Education Center with some leading universities of South Korea's southeast area. This center was jointly established by QAU and Gyeongsang National University, with University of ulsan, Changwon National University, Kyungnam University and Kyungnam university of science and technology being involved.
09-14 10:30
XINQIU Seed Research Institute Founded at QAU
On the morning of Sep. 13th, QAU and Shandong XINQIU Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd. Signed agreement to jointly establish Qingdao Agricultural University XINQIU Seed Research Institute.
09-14 09:03
QAU Acquires 38 National Natural Science Foundation Programs
Recently, China’s National Natural Science Foundation released its approval notice of the funding projects of 2015. 
08-20 16:02
QAU Signs Cooperation Agreement with Agricultural Cooperative College, Kangwon National University
On the morning of August 12th, QAU signed Cooperation Agreements with ACC(Agricultural Cooperative College) and KNU(Kangwon National University) at the Academic Hall of QAU. China and South Korea Cooperative Economy Research Center was also set up.
08-13 16:33
Preliminary Meeting of East Asia Cooperatives Summit Forum Held at QAU
On the afternoon of August 11th, the preliminary meeting of East Asia Cooperatives Summit Forum 2015 and the inaugural conference of International Society for Agricultural Rural Cooperative Economy was held at the Academic Hall of QAU.
08-13 10:15
QAU Visits Seoul National University, Rural Development Administration of South Korea
From July 26th to 28th, the Delegation of QAU(Qingdao Agricultural University) participate in the 8th term Agricultural and Biological Technology Seminar jointly held by QAU and SNU (Seoul National University), and visited the Rural Development Administration of South Korea.
08-10 10:56
The Mata Lake Duck Discovered by Prof. Wang Baowei Passes National Breed Certification
Recently, the outstanding local variety resource of laying duck , namely Mata Lake Duck, discovered by prof. Wang Baowei, has passed the national breed certification organized by the National Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources Committee and been listed in the National Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources Register. 
08-07 15:19
QAU Gets ahead in the National College Students Modeling Innovation Contest
The 8th term “HEP”Cup National Innovation Contest of Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling was closed on July 22nd, 2015. The two teams sent by QAU has achieved excellent grades with one Team Second Prize, two Individual First Prize and nine Individual Second Prize.
08-01 17:18
Symposium of Core Curriculum Construction of Agricultural Statistics held in QAU
The symposium of core curriculum construction of Agricultural Statistics for the national university economic management of agriculture and forestry Bachelor’s degree program was held 
07-27 17:14
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