On April 4th, Shandong Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Jinan to reward science and technology personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of our province.
04-14 17:16
Recently, the Shandong Provincial Talent Work Leading Group Office announced the second batch of high-end talents in the Shandong Province think tank, among which Yang Ranbing, a professor at the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of QAU, was listed. In the second batch, a total of 119 high-end talents from think tanks were selected.
03-08 17:13

Recently, the 2018 Hongzhu Cup for the selection of top ten news of national agricultural mechanization sponsored by China Agricultural Mechanization Herald, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center of China Agricultural University and Qingdao Hongzhu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was held  in Beijing. The news that "the team of agricultural machinery teachers led by Professor Shang Shuqi, the dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Qingdao Agricultural University, was selected into the first branch teams of 'Huang Danian-style Teachers of National Colleges and Universities' " was selected as one of the top ten news of this year. 

03-08 17:10
On January 28th, a contract of the project of Qingdao International Biomedical and Fodder Evaluation and Testing Center,which was  jointly established by QAU and Chengyang District is signed in the fourth conference room of the People's Hall of Chengyang District. School Party Secretary Li Baozhen, President Song Xiyun, Chengyang District Party Secretary Wang Bo, and District Mayor Li Hongbin attend the signing ceremony. The ceremony is presided over by Li Yuhai, deputy head of Chengyang District. 
02-09 16:59
Recently, from the list of the construction of the 2018 Shandong Provincial Postgraduate Education Quality Improvement Plan announced by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, 12 projects of Qingdao Agricultural University were approved. 
01-25 16:57

Recently, Prof. Yang Song and Prof. Guo Lizhong from the Key Laboratory of Applied Fungi of Shandong Agricultural University have made many breakthroughs in the anabolic and catabolic direction of functional microorganisms. 

01-13 16:52
Record the development process and demonstrate the power of advancement. In 2018, Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) adhered to the fundamental task of high moral values establishment and people cultivation, promoted in-depth the construction of high-level universities with outstanding advantages and distinctive characteristics, continued to improved the strength of the school, which has harvested spectacular achievements and created a new journey of high-quality development in the new era and new stage.
01-10 08:13
On November 30th, the 2nd Excellence in Teaching Award final evaluation was held in the teaching building.
12-29 07:57
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Speaker:Cui Xiaoping   Event Date: 2016.6.8

Event Time: 14:30--16:30   Venue: C220, Wenjing Building

06-08 14:30

Event Date: 2016.3.29   Event Time: 09:00--11:30

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium

03-29 09:00
Speaker:Dr. Ding Jie;  Event Date: 2016.3.18;  Event Time: 19:00--
03-16 19:00

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium
Event Date:2016.3.8; Event Time:14:10~16:00

03-08 14:10
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