Jointly organized by the Experimental Animal Ethics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Laboratory Animals and the British Ministry of the Interior and hosted by Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), the 5th China-UK Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics International Forum around the related research on experimental animal ethics welfare, was opened Qingdao on March 14th in Qingdao. 
09-28 08:53

On April 20th, the consultation meeting of Sino-Australia Joint Research Institute of Agriculture and Environmental Health was successfully held in the conference room of the Academic Hall of our university. 


07-20 09:05
On the morning of June 23, John Innes, dean of the College of Forestry of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, visited the Qingdao Agricultural University along with his three colleagues. 
06-14 09:30
On May 3, Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) signed an agreement with Zhucheng Wanjingyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng National Agricultural Science and Technology Incubator) to transfer the seedling breeding and management rights of three varieties of cold-resistant dwarf rootstock apple to Zhucheng  Wanjingyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. for value.
05-15 09:37
On January 3, Cai Xuepeng, director of the China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute and Song Xiyun, president of Qingdao Agricultural University, signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on behalf of the two sides. 
03-04 09:40
On the morning of January 8, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council held the National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing to reward scientific and technical personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the progress of Chinese science and technology, the development of economic society, and modernization of national defense. 
01-27 09:32
During November 25-26, the 3rd “Dongfanghong” Cup National College Students’ Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition was held in Southwest University in Chongqing. 
11-30 09:04
Recently, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling(CUMCM) has revealed its winner list. Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), for the second time, made a new historic breakthrough in this largest foundational academic contest among universities and colleges nationwide. 
11-23 14:57
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Speaker:Cui Xiaoping   Event Date: 2016.6.8

Event Time: 14:30--16:30   Venue: C220, Wenjing Building

06-08 14:30

Event Date: 2016.3.29   Event Time: 09:00--11:30

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium

03-29 09:00
Speaker:Dr. Ding Jie;  Event Date: 2016.3.18;  Event Time: 19:00--
03-16 19:00

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium
Event Date:2016.3.8; Event Time:14:10~16:00

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