On June 13th,  the delegation of 5 teachers and 42 students from two German Universities,  the University of Hohenheim and the Nuertingen-Geislingen University, paid a visit to the School of Economics (the School of Cooperatives) of Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) . 

06-27 08:57

Recently, Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) and Ulsan University of South Korea formally signed a cooperation agreement on the program of joint training of doctoral students.

06-10 08:53

On May 15th, Bonaventura Francesco Luisi---a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO),an internationally renowned structural biologist and biochemist, a professor of University of Cambridge and Dean William Gabriel---an internationally renowned plant pathologist,a member of the American Society of Plant Pathology (APS Fellow) and a professor of University of Florida visited Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU) and both of them were employed  as  specially-appointed professors.

05-25 08:49

On the morning of April 7, the opening ceremony of the second “The Belt and Road” & Sino-Thai Cultural Exchange Festival was hold at the Academic Conference Hall of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU).

05-23 08:43

From April 21st to 28th, Liu Chunxia, Vice President of Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), led a delegation to visit seven universities and institutions in Malaysia and Thailand, including Tunku Abdul Rahman University, International University of Malay-Wales, Malaysian Young Farmers Cooperative, Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep, Dhurakij Pundit University, Krirk University, and Singburi College of Agriculture and Technology, and achieved fruitful results.

05-10 08:32

    On the morning of Apr. 16th, Eeva Leinonen, President of Australia’s Murdoch University, and Vice-President David Morrison, visited Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) and were appointed as visiting professors. Song Xiyun, President of QAU, issued the letter of appointment for them and took a group photo to mark the occasion. On the basis of earlier cooperation, the two sides discussed the establishment of the China-Australia Joint Research Center for Agricultural and Environmental Health.


04-28 08:14
On April 4th, Shandong Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Jinan to reward science and technology personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of our province. The conference has honored 198 projects (individuals), of which six achievements were hosted and completed by QAU and two was participated in. 
04-14 17:16
Recently, the Shandong Provincial Talent Work Leading Group Office announced the second batch of high-end talents in the Shandong Province think tank, among which Yang Ranbing, a professor at the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of QAU, was listed. In the second batch, a total of 119 high-end talents from think tanks were selected.
03-08 17:13
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Speaker:Cui Xiaoping   Event Date: 2016.6.8

Event Time: 14:30--16:30   Venue: C220, Wenjing Building

06-08 14:30

Event Date: 2016.3.29   Event Time: 09:00--11:30

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium

03-29 09:00
Speaker:Dr. Ding Jie;  Event Date: 2016.3.18;  Event Time: 19:00--
03-16 19:00

Venue: 1F, Hall 1, Academic Auditorium
Event Date:2016.3.8; Event Time:14:10~16:00

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